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Expert Tips to maintain iCloud security

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Prevention is better than cure. Before facing any problem, it is better to do something so that the problem can't arise. In our daily life, the device like Apple bears one of the most significant functions.

Our daily life runs through this. So, we should stay concerned about the security of our device. Let's see what I have described for you to make you understand how to maintain iCloud security.

iCloud safety: Why you need to maintain the security?

If you forget iCloud security code and don't know how to maintain? Just stay with us, you must have better idea about icloud keychain.

In the Apple device, all the information gets storage into iCloud. It’s the best addition to the Apple device. But not for so long whether you don’t maintain the proper security of it. So, it is important to know the best and effective way to make your iCloud safe. Don’t neglect this issue.

End-to-end data encryption process: Apple applies the best security

You may ask that what Apple has done to maintaining their security safe and sound. The answer is they are maintaining the best way of data security. And it is end-to-end data encryption. With this encryption, no one can read the data of yours'. Just with a code, you can beat the risk of losing your all information.
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All the features and data like home data, debit card, credit card, keychain etc. all are reserved in the iCloud. But here the safety is maintained by end-to-end data encryption. There is fact that you have to use two-step verification to run the encryption system.

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Two-step verification: Must do for every Apple user

This should pop-up in your head that what is two-step verification actually if you don’t know about it. It’s a kind of two-step checking system that whether you are the real user or not.

What’s the process?

You have to select a trusted device and every time when you will try to enter into your Apple device signing information will appear on your trusted device. That signing information will be six- digit- number. Only by placing the code from your trusted device you can enter into your device. So, that’s the action process of two-step verification.

Your trusted device can be only Apple devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or Mac which are already enrolled in two-step verification.

And the numbers should be your trusted phone number. And remember the six-digit code is always a temporary code. You can't use it for the second time.

How to enable two-step verification?

You can follow the below steps to ensure the two-step verification in your Apple device.

  • At first, go to settings and then go to your profile.
  • Go to password and security.
  • Turn two-factor authentication on.
  • Click on ‘continue’.

If you are using iOS 10.2 or earlier than follow the steps below.

  • Go to settings and then iCloud.
  • There go to Apple ID and go to password and security.
  • Then turn the authentication on.
  • Click on ‘continue’.

Now place the phone number as your trusted phone number and ensure the verification way. After that, on that specific device, you will get the notification with a code. Apply the code to your new device. Here's now your two-factor verification is in an active mood.

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Best 5 effective tips: Helpful to maintain the security

iCloud backup:

It is better to upload every necessary data of your phone into your iCloud. That's the only reason for which iCloud has been made. You can store your message, photos, videos, information etc. You can turn off the backup whenever you want. I think this simple work can help you a lot from losing necessary data of yours.

Don't stick into the same old password

It is a common nature of everyone to stick to the same code for years to years. You shouldn't do this. If your old password somehow gets leaks, you will lose your important information. By default, Apple device won't remember you that you have to change the password but you should change the password within every two months.

Log out other browsers

Sometimes, we go to our browsers form others pc or laptop or phone but forget to log out. Don’t worry you can log out later by using your iCloud account. You can also check any unwanted browser is using your iCloud or not.

To check your iCloud device, you have to go to the iCloud site. From there you can enter into your account by applying your log-in ID and password. There is my device and from there you can check the devices that are logged in with iCloud.

Create a strong password

Always create a strong password for making your iCloud account safe. A strong password demands for mixed characters like upper and lower case, number and symbols. Without a strong password, you can't ensure the safety of your iCloud perfectly.

Remove unwanted data

You may think that simply deleting is erasing the data from my device. But actually, always it doesn't happen. If you want to make your device enough safe, always permanently delete your unwanted data. You may use such apps to do this.

Bonus tip: Turn off find my phone

There is an extra bonus suggestion for you only. The fact is with the Apple device there is an option to find your phone. You have to log in into your iCloud and you can see where your Apple device is. If you lost your device, you can check by this to find your device.

But this function can be harmful to your privacy. There is a chance to get exposed to this feature. You should turn this feature off. But if you think that the information isn't so much private, than you may use the ‘find my phone' feature.


So, that's all about the iCloud security maintaining. Here the tips are so much effective and helpful to secure your iCloud. Most of us aren't much concerned about the security of our device. This shouldn't happen. Don't take the risk. And always use two-factor verification system in your Apple device. Be wise and enjoy your happy life.
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