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Latest Tech News About Android Oreo 8.0 [Features]

From last few months, you may be heard the name of Android Oreo. Today, Our Latest tech news is about to android New Version Oreo 8.0. Because this is the new Android version of Google this year. Google has some habit to release a new version every year. and they didn’t have 10% users of the previous version yet.

oreo features

That means Google released Oreo this year but you may feel sad after hearing that their previous version nougat didn’t reach most of the android users mobile phone. during this term, google give the priority to their own device like Nexus, pixel etc. Those are maintained by Google so they get an update first. Like the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL already installed with Oreo.

Today our topic to discuss the changes, new features, and improvement of this new Android version. Maybe you will not get the update so fast on our smartphone. But you learn about the new version. So let’s start with this latest version. in this version, so much improvement and updates they have that can make this article large. So I will discuss some main changes and features.

Picture in Picture Mode

picture in picture mode feature of oreo

From my view, it is the most important, attractive and big improvement of this version. For this feature, users can watch a video and the same time they can do others task by phone. So that means if you quit video then the video will not stop Playing. The video will continue to any corner of your phone and you can do anything at the same time with your phone. The video will not interrupt your work. For your benefit, you can move the video to any place of the screen and also you can make big or small. But for YouTube, you need Red subscription.

Background Limit

google android oreo

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This feature may not breakthrough like the last but much helpful. You can more easily notice your installed apps and what they will do in the background. You can control as you want. In the previous version, you can’t see that some 3rd party apps are draining your battery or using data in the background. But if you are using Oreo then you can see in settings and also you can stop them.

Password Autofill

autofill password feature

You may already be tried Password autofill in old versions. But you need 3rd party password manager for that. Like lastpass, npass etc. Oreo has the native feature of password manager. For this, you don’t need 3rd party soft if this version. Which website and apps password you saved with chrome google smart to lock in your pc or smartphone those username and password will be auto-filled this when you are using a specific app on your phone. So that you don’t need to remember that id and pass or using 3rd party software.

User interface improvement

Comparing with those old versions you can’t find much UI improvement in Oreo. Such improvement is given below:

  • Notification Dots:
now user can understand from the home screen icon that which specific app got a notification. If any app got some notification then you can see a dot mark on the app. So you can easily mark that which app have some notification and which don’t.

  • Settings page redesign: 
those are using android nougat (7.0) they know how much ugly look it has. Moreover setting page of nougat is not arranged properly. But in this version setting page totally redesigned. This time it is more organized and attractive.
  • Notification panel redesigned:
In this version of android, notification panel and quick setting panel also got new look. The previous version of this had a full dark theme. This time notification panel and quick setting panel theme is changed to light or white, but I don’t like this. The previous one was better (personal opinion).
  • New emoji:
android version oreo get emoji

android Oreo got the new interface of emoji. Those are known by the previous version in this version you can not get those Emoji. New emoji may like someone or may not. Although I like them and better than old.

Better Bluetooth Audio

In this version, Google took care of audio performance. The user of Oreo will get more experience than other versions of Bluetooth audio. Google added some built-in codec those are user replaceable. So you can change Bluetooth audio codec in your own way. by your choice, you can change wireless audio communication protocol by changing codec while playing music. as a result, you will get better audio listening experience.

Faster Boot time and better Performance
Google claim, smartphone maintain by Oreo will boot faster than old versions. This version will make maximum 50% faster boot than others. So the newer version will take halftime than older to start-up. This Android smartphone will be fluid and smooth in performance comparing those previous that also claimed by Google.

That's All for this Android version of Oreo. Hope, you can find latest Smart features about this version. If you have any kind of confusion or question feel free to comments below.

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