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11 best Android apps of 2017 [Must Have apps]

Today we want to show you the latest news of the best 11Android applications of 2017. We want to help you a little with this task. It is worth having all or a large percentage of our Smartphone. This time we will review the best existing applications for Android.

Let us make a collection of the most useful applications for Android devices. They are new applications that give a plus to any Android regardless of the brand. The best applications of the Top 10 new applications for Android will be removed and As long as new releases are released in the play store, that list will be updated.

1. GlassWire Data Usage Monitor


If you have an unlimited data plan or you are a prepaid user and from time to time make recharges but do not know how your data is spent. According to latest tech news, this App will be a great help. It defines the planning cycle (date and MB or GB).

It Reports of daily, weekly, hour or monthly consumption.You can see how much and what apps spend your data. Personalized alerts about data consumption.

Download Glasswire From Play Store  Download

2. Hidden Camera

The first and only professional hidden Camera is a best Android app of 2017. The latest tech news is that its main features it saves battery power. It performs 7 days continuously with battery supports. You can set the option for camera quality such as High Quality, Low Quality, Medium Quality, Selfie Camera. and the average score of 4.5 stars.

We are now re-listed by Hidden Camera to comply with the Google Play Store's content policy. Hidden camera is super secure stealth for shooting and video recording, even right in front of other people. Mobile Hidden Camera is the only spy camera application that guarantees your security while you spy to shoot with a host of stealth and protective features.

It keeps your Security of your privacy is our priority. It is only one of the spy cameras of the application with the no publication of Ads of any kind. Nobody knows that you have a spy app.

Download Hiden Camera From Play Store  Download

3. SMS Tracker

SMS Tracker is one of the best remote monitoring and tracking systems for Android phones. By installing the free SMS Tracker Agent on the target device, you can remotely read all incoming and outgoing text messages, MMS multimedia messages. You can View photos sent and received.

You are able to view call records (including name, number, and duration of the call and View the web browsing history. You can check View the GPS location information on a map. The developers are constantly trying to fix the problems by updating it regularly

Download Sms Tracker From Play Store  Download

4. Evernote for Android Wear

In many activities and jobs, using notes as a reminder is essential. What happens is that sometimes there comes a time when you have so many that you need to order and classify yourself? If you need this and have other functions, I am sure that Evernote will be a very useful Android app. Evernote for Android Wear is surely the best app to write notes and reminders of everything that happens to you. It is a powerful tool you can store all kinds of information such as schemas, email addresses, annotations, personal and professional quotes and even web fragments.

All the notes can make in different and customized formats. It means that you can change the font and color, add bold or underline. Evernote for Android Wear which is one of the leading and best, free android applications. It makes it possible to use links to web pages and even supports the inclusion of images. The application developed in a comfortable and intuitive structured interface so that even the most inexperienced users can see in Evernote for Android Wear a very useful application and you can download it free right now.

Download EverNote From Play Store  Download

5. SuperVPN Free VPN Client

Super vpn client this app offers unlimited bandwidth, no need for root access, use of the most secure VPN to protect your privacy.

Unblock restricted websites, plus encrypts internet traffic and works with just a click of the mouse VPN connection. You can find more tech news online about SuperVPN.

Download Super Vpn From Play Store  Download

6. File Manager (File transfer)


If you want to get the most out of your phone, you need a file browser. It is a best File Manager (File transfer) for Android. This new manager has interesting features: Sort by categories, Delete, Create direct access, Backup copies of installed Apps. Sort files by music, videos, music, favorites, and large files. 

It supports for storage management in the cloud: Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive, Facebook, etc.

Download File Manager From Play Store  

7. Clipboard Manager

Copy and paste like a ninja with this powerful free Android clipboard. It is a productivity apps that manages everything you copy and paste from an elegant interface. You can perform Clipboard history: Date, Bookmark, and Delete through these apps.

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It is totally Free, without ads and with Material Design design. You can access notifications with floating bubble. You can create Apps whitelist and lock PIN. You can recover copied texts and create Backup copies. There is Easy Copy, share, delete and combine text option in the apps.

Download Clipboard Manager From Play Store  Download

8. Buttons Remapper (not root)

You can modify the actions of each of the buttons on your Android device without Root. Buttons remapper (not root) also allows you to add additional actions with a short or long press or triple click on the buttons.

You can change or add actions to open any app open the camera, volume keys or disable the button completely.

Download Buttons Remapper From Play Store  Download
9. Spotify Music
One of the most popular applications currently is Spotify. Currently it is free, both mobile and tablet. It is the most popular music listening application. The catalog Spotify Music has is enormous, being able to listen to artists and albums or create your own playlist where the songs that you like.

If you want to discover new music, you can choose a playlist that made. That related to how you feel about the mood or receive a series of personalized recommendations based on your tastes.

The best thing about this music player is that it is free for mobile. You will be able to listen to any artist, album or playlist in a random way. Undoubtedly, one of the essentials for mobile is in the best Android applications of 2017.

The application is responsible for organizing and searching the music files for a number of themes, case of artist, album, song, genre to which it belongs as well as folder and playlist.

Download Spotify Music From Play Store  Download
10. AppInfo Mini
Check from the notifications panel how much internal memory. It occupies and how much data an application consumes. AppInfo Mini works in real time since it gives us the information of any application that we have open.

It provides us is Data used in wifi and mobile, weight of the application, space used in data, cache and acquired permissions. If we are on the desktop it shows us data about the used RAM, occupied and free storage, percentage of the battery.

Download Appinfo Mini From Play Store  Download

11.  Snap Swipe Drawer

Take advantage of the widgets of Android applications with Snap Swipe Drawer. Snap Swipe Drawer allows us to access widgets in any app that we have open and even from the lock screen. Within the settings you can change the activation area (Left, center and right), sensitivity, create a whitelist of apps where you can activate and enable the option to activate from the lock screen.

Download Appinfo Mini From Play Store  Download

Hopefully, you enjoy and as always choose those that may be worth more. Remember that all applications take up space on your device. Finally, tell you that we always recommend that you read the terms and conditions of these apps because the small print may surprise you often.

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