Saturday, October 28, 2017

What will Happen If Google Stop 30 Minutes?

Have you ever thought that if Google doesn't work for only 30 minutes then what will happen?

Most of us depend on Google less or more. Because we start computer then directly search on google. Have ever thought that if google stops their search engine then what will happen to our real life?
google stop 30 minutes, what happen if google stop working

Before telling this I want to share a little information. at tiny year of 2013 August, Google stopped working for 2/3 minutes one time. Unbelievable thing was to happen that 40% traffic was decreased. Same thing happens at 2009 now think if it happens now or later for 30 minutes what will happen? 

Mainly today’s article is regarding with technology but I requested this to read as the part of tech humor. because I had a dream to write a tech humor. I am just trying to complete my dream with this. Let's see 30 minutes server down what may Cause?

At first, no one will believe

google problem

No one can easily believe that Google is not working.for that reason firstly they will try to check internet connection is working or not. someone will call their internet provider. then someone will try to find hardware related fault. do you think that you will take this very normally?

After believing this

Few people will understand that Google is not working. still, some people can’t realize what is happening. they will reload continuously for start working again. because when something is missing then we realize the main importance.

At last, after understanding the matter they will start doing this-

  • The whole world will be busy for sharing the!

  • Facebook news feed will be violated with this news of Google server. All issue of, indian elephant, rape, politics everything will hide for the news.
  • People will start searching alternative search engine. what how they will find? because most of the people don’t know we have more search engine without google. you think how many search engine you know?
  • Microsoft, bing, and Yahoo will get a lot of traffic. these are only the way to know the truth of this.

google alternatives

  • Duckduckgo types search engines will start their publicity. some people happy for that because no one can track.
  • Lot of application those are google based they will stop working. only for not using Gmail the full trade and e-commerce will landslide.
  • Not only Google, world’s most company related with google those will face huge loss in business.
  • Those use google maps they may be lost the way in middle.
  • Youtube lover will feel unhappy and upset, but those are the competitor they are sing song for happiness. some people will be bust for making troll.
  • After all those fact China will face nothing… you know why? 

When google will come back. after that

After solving this google will share this fact and arrange a press briefing about the interruption. world’s technology lover will try to find the reason. they will post something without knowing the truth. beside of this, some hacker will share that they did this for their publicity.

  • Media may explain the disgusting time with full analysis what happened to the people all over the world.what it happened?again it will or not;for this reason important data has lost or hacked.over sensitive countries and people will lost their sleep and peace for losing secret.
  • A lot of people start searching alternative of google.they will manage those replace for google.
  • Some technology blogs publish article –google went down for 30 won’t believe what happened next.or something like this-10 things to do when google goes down the next time.

Al though this is a tech humer but it may happen in we have to prepare some alternative for everything.because depending on something is a foolish decision. we know that we don’t have alternative of google. but the time of emergency we may think something instead of google. whatever hope you like this.

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