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Computer Hangs or Freezes Repeatedly. [Find Out The Reasons]

computer doesnot work,computer hang
You have just turn on the computer and just then the computer gets restarted. Or it crushes the programs or keeps hang frequently. Sometimes there shows a blue screen with error message and getting restart.

I am sure just thinking about these things are a terrible nightmare to you, isn’t it? But these problems may not just nightmares but it also may come true. But how do you understand why these problems are occurring? Of course, to fix these difficulties, you need to know where the exact problem is.

In this article I will try to discuss about these things, why your computer is repeatedly hang or crashed, or gets auto restart

Computer Hang Problem

Your computer may become hang or freeze because of many reasons. Sometimes the computer may freeze due to hardware or faulty drivers. I discussed about another article “Solution: If your Pc Suddenly Not Turn On?” – It would be better to read it at first. For most unknown problems we do not have any ideas, just what should to do? If the cause of the problem is unknown, no matter how much computer specialist he is. Fixing a computer can be a difficult task for him.

 In the rest of the article, I will discuss about some utilities such as where you have problems, or what kinds of error messages are being created by your system, it will be useful for you to know. If you have at least the error message, you can find out the problem by Google.

But if your computer suddenly crashes or gets hang, it’s quite normal because no system is perfect. Maybe the defective software is freezing or crashing your system. And if your system constantly crashes or stops then there is a problem with it. In this case, you must find the problem and try to fix it.

Reliability Monitor

Reliability Monitor is a default tool of computer Windows, provides a fast and very simple interface. This tool releases with Windows Vista and now it also in the current Modern Windows. Just type "reliability," in the search bar then the tool will come up.

This tool helps you to show the reports every day. Here's a full report of the problems of how a software crashed, why the windows restarted and so on. It's not just a daily report, but the tool will get reports for a few weeks. According to When and which software created the problem there shown a red cross. Select the crosses and show the causes of the error below.

What was the exact reason for hanging or restarting, you can easily understand from here. You can find Solutions from the "Check for solutions to all problems" link below, here Windows will try to solve Problems manually. But if that is not possible, then the best will be just update hardware driver.

reliability monitor problem

Do not be dependent long time on the DVD driver that was provided with your computer. Please visit the manufacturer's company website, check that the driver update has been received, download and install the default. This reliability monitor might not solve your problem, but at least you know it, where is the problem.

If there shown graphics related problems, please update the graphics driver. If you have problems with the hard disk, please update the hard drive driver. Or if you do not understand what you should do then just search by Google with the error message. Trust me, most of the computer specialist solve the problem by Google. Most of the time they do not have any ideas, what's the problem.

Blue Screen of Death

blue screen of death

Nowadays this problem has become quite common for windows computers. Turning in the computer or by running two software or suddenly, the screen suddenly turns blue and the PC restarts by making an error message frequently.

 Most of the time, this problem is for older and faulty drivers. But to understand why this is happening, it is important to see error messages. When submitting a dumb memory file by displaying blue-screen error on the computer windows. And sometimes this file may contain useful information. A free utility software called BlueScreenView helps to display the list of saved files on the dump. You can click on any dumb file to know the information about it. Each time a blue-screen error occurs, an error message is displayed.

solution for Pc hang,bluescreen over view

You can see the exact same messages in these dumb files. Now try to write error messages and Google it. You will find many solutions. With that you can understand where the problem is; problems with a driver, graphics card problems, memory problems, or hard drive problems.

Honestly, it is not possible to write tips about the solution for every problem. There may be different reasons behind the same type of problem. If the reason of error can be find out then it will be easy to fix the problem.

But not like that the problem will be solved just searching in online. Maybe your computer has hardware problems and which can only be resolved by replacing those hardware. if there have a problem though using updated driver and latest version windows then there have hardware problem.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

What will Happen If Google Stop 30 Minutes?

Have you ever thought that if Google doesn't work for only 30 minutes then what will happen?

Most of us depend on Google less or more. Because we start computer then directly search on google. Have ever thought that if google stops their search engine then what will happen to our real life?
google stop 30 minutes, what happen if google stop working

Before telling this I want to share a little information. at tiny year of 2013 August, Google stopped working for 2/3 minutes one time. Unbelievable thing was to happen that 40% traffic was decreased. Same thing happens at 2009 may.so now think if it happens now or later for 30 minutes what will happen? 

Mainly today’s article is regarding with technology but I requested this to read as the part of tech humor. because I had a dream to write a tech humor. I am just trying to complete my dream with this. Let's see 30 minutes server down what may Cause?

At first, no one will believe

google problem

No one can easily believe that Google is not working.for that reason firstly they will try to check internet connection is working or not. someone will call their internet provider. then someone will try to find hardware related fault. do you think that you will take this very normally?

After believing this

Few people will understand that Google is not working. still, some people can’t realize what is happening. they will reload continuously for start working again. because when something is missing then we realize the main importance.

At last, after understanding the matter they will start doing this-

  • The whole world will be busy for sharing the screenshot.like-Error-500!

  • Facebook news feed will be violated with this news of Google server. All issue of Bangladesh.like-jongi, indian elephant, rape, politics everything will hide for the news.
  • People will start searching alternative search engine. what how they will find? because most of the people don’t know we have more search engine without google. you think how many search engine you know?
  • Microsoft, bing, and Yahoo will get a lot of traffic. these are only the way to know the truth of this.

google alternatives

  • Duckduckgo types search engines will start their publicity. some people happy for that because no one can track.
  • Lot of application those are google based they will stop working. only for not using Gmail the full trade and e-commerce will landslide.
  • Not only Google, world’s most company related with google those will face huge loss in business.
  • Those use google maps they may be lost the way in middle.
  • Youtube lover will feel unhappy and upset, but those are the competitor they are sing song for happiness. some people will be bust for making troll.
  • After all those fact China will face nothing…..do you know why? 

When google will come back. after that

After solving this google will share this fact and arrange a press briefing about the interruption. world’s technology lover will try to find the reason. they will post something without knowing the truth. beside of this, some hacker will share that they did this for their publicity.

  • Media may explain the disgusting time with full analysis what happened to the people all over the world.what it happened?again it will or not;for this reason important data has lost or hacked.over sensitive countries and people will lost their sleep and peace for losing secret.
  • A lot of people start searching alternative of google.they will manage those replace for google.
  • Some technology blogs publish article –google went down for 30 minutes.you won’t believe what happened next.or something like this-10 things to do when google goes down the next time.

Al though this is a tech humer but it may happen in future.so we have to prepare some alternative for everything.because depending on something is a foolish decision. we know that we don’t have alternative of google. but the time of emergency we may think something instead of google. whatever hope you like this.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Solution: If Suddenly Your PC/Laptop Not Turn On. [Proven Tips]

The day will really be very bad, in the morning sitting in front of the computer, press the power button but your computer is not turning on. Yes, various types of computer problems may occur but the most annoying problem is if the computer won’t boot. 

For many reasons, your computer may not be turn on. Add to this the fact that whatever is causing your computer not to start could be an expensive part of your desktop or laptop to replace - like the motherboard or CPU. This problem causes because of modification.
pc not turning on

However, in this article, I have mentioned the reasons for not turn on a Computer / Laptop / PC and possible solutions. And yes, there is no reason to worry about what happens on your computer. Don’t panic! Your Data is protected here. No matter what Windows Operating System you have installed on your hard drive, you can access data using Linux Live USB.

Check Power Supply

power supply is ok,

Most people tend to fear when faced with a computer that won’t turn on, worried that all their important data is gone forever. Yes it’s true that the most common reason a computer won’t turn on is because a part of hardware has failed or is causing a problem. But the most time computer won’t start because of ordinary problem, first it should be find out.

First of all, check if your computer is plugged properly on a wall socket. If it is okay then you may use UPS, sometimes due to a problem with UPS, your computer may not be on. Maybe UPS can’t supply power properly. Unplug the UPS and insert the power source directly into the computer.

You May Like to Know
Solution for Your Laptop/Pc Suddenly turning off

Verify that the power supply voltage switch is set correctly if you're on a desktop. If the laptop is not able to supply the voltage properly, the laptop won’t start. If the laptop run on the battery, then there may be a problem with the battery, so remove the battery and try to turn on the laptop with the charger.

The computer may not be start due to the interruption of power supply unit. In that case, the power supply may have to be changed. Also computer may not turn on for bad PC Casing. Crack up power switch of casing is nothing to surprise.in that case make short circuit on motherboard, then check if the computer is going on.

Computer Powers On and Then Off

computer power on and off

There are several types of problems why a computer won’t turn on. For example, your computer is going on but it's turning off itself. Your computer may restart repeatedly, and may show a Blue Error screen. If you hear the sound of hard drive spinning inside your computer, see some or all of the lights on your computer turn on or flash, and then turn off the computer by itself. 

  In this case, there may be problem of power supply. Or there may be a problem with the cable in the PC. Unplug all the cables one by one at a time. Don’t worry, plug the cables in the same way of unplugging. If the problem is not fix, then the power supply should be replaced.

Most of the times your PC may have not a problem but there have monitor problem. If you see your PC is On, means you heard the sound of fan and hard drive with beep sound at the time of turning on PC. In this situation there may have a problem in your monitor. First check VGA or HDMI cable. Now put another monitor to see if everything is okay.

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

Maybe your computer begins to load of Window but suddenly a Blue Screen appears on the screen and the computer is rebooted automatically by displaying the error message. This error is called the Blue Screen of Death, It is a common problem for many computers. For that your computer cannot turn on and take restart repeatedly. 
blue screen of death (bsod)

Blue Screen of death shows the message of Error, Take a look at the error message from here and search it with Google. This problem can often happen from defective hardware or hardware drivers. To understand the problem, you must check the Error messages.

   If the computer shows an error message after a while, then I suggest you to update Drivers’ Software for your hardware, which resolves 80% problem. If the problem is not solved then surely there is a hardware problem.

No Operating System Problem

When you power on your computer, but after a while there displayed a message in black screen "Operating System not found"-it may another panic. First check, if you have a USB drive or a DVD inserted on your computer. Most of the times the BIOS wants to boot from the USB drive without booting the computer from the hard drive, in this case, the may show this error “Operating System Not Found”. Just unplug the USB, then it will be okay.

There may have more problems in not loading the operating system. In this case, you may need to repair your windows. Just insert Windows Installation Disk or USB, then go to repair mode, Windows will automatically try to repair your Windows files.

There were some common problems and solutions, which you can check if Windows PC / Laptop is not bootable. Yes, there may have many types of problems, even some have no ideas, such problems can happen. 

    It is not possible to describe all the problems in a single article. Of course, you can comment me down what problems are you facing, or try to solve with Google.

Monday, October 23, 2017

What is PDF File? Full History Of PDF

PDF file - was first developed by Adobe. They first introduce the Dot PDF Extension Document File, which has the full meaning of Portable Document Format File. Some Sample of PDF file you can see.

introduction of pdf file
Now the question is what is PDF (Portable Document Format File) File? PDF is really a powerful Document Format File. Which can contain not only text and image but also an interactive button, hyperlink, embedded front, video, and many things. You may often see product documents, job letters, e-books, scanned documents, and more separate documents in PDF format. Because PDF is a very popular document and still it has a great deal of usage.

In this article we share with you how can you use PDF. How to edit PDF and How can you convert PDF.

Introduction of PDF

Today pdf is much popular both online and offline. When this file extension was first invented, in 1990, the Internet was only at the child level. At that time, this file format was especially used in offline. PDF documents were used for any document printing from offline document printing, tuner, or desktop.

However, Today the PDF is very powerful and able contain much more things. PDF can’t contain many things at the beginning. There was a problem with PDF, large document files were too slow with a lot of size, and the system faced difficulty to open files to read.

After few years, Adobe realizes free PDF Reader for PDF file. From then PDF recognizes as a good document file standard and it outstrips many competitor file formats. At the beginning, Adobe controlled PDF by itself that means how it works, what features will be included in it or how it will be read. It was only controlled under Adobe.

But later Adobe makes PDF as Opened Standard. For this, it is seen hundreds of different PDF Readers today. Today's major internet browsers can read PDF documents by default.so if Google Chrome is installed, you need not a separate PDF Reader.

How to open a PDF file?

opening pdfThinking about opening a PDF file, must be the first think you can do about any PDF Reader, right? Adobe’s own product, PDF Reader is a much skillful program for opening PDF file. But many more PDF Readers are stocked in the current market, among them many of full with unnecessary features which will not really work for you.

Today’s most web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge-can open PDF files without a different type of extension. When you are downloading a PDF from online, you may notice that they are directly opened.

As today’s web browsers can read PDF files directly, so at this point I don’t need to install Adobe PDF Reader. But if you want to get different features without reading PDF, in this case you can install Adobe PDF Reader or other PDF Reader software. I recommend you to use Sumatra PDF Reader software. It’s really free and powerful!

How to edit PDF file?

Adobe Acrobat is the most popular software for editing PDF. But by using Microsoft Word, you can edit PDF and separate Extension’s Document file. Besides, Fantom PDF is another software PDF which is very popular as editor. You can also try it.

Not only software-based PDF editor but also there are many online based PDF editors. Upload your file in online, then edit and download it to the computer. It’s very easy. You can use FormSwift's Free PDF Editor, PDFescape, DocHub, and PDF Buddy as a free online editor.

Note: If you want, I will publish a detailed tutorial on editing PDF files, but it will be required to request me with comment.

How to convert PDF file?

Many people want to convert PDF files into separate document files, so that they can edit them separately, and can work out from the PDF. Converting PDF means that the file is not only a PDF reader but also using a separate software program to edit it.

For example, many want to convert PDF files into a Microsoft Word document file, Dot DOC or DOCX format. The file can be opened By OpenOffice and LibreOffice, not just Office Word or Adobe Photoshop.

By opening PDF with these programs, you can edit the PDF file in more detail. Therefore, there i need to convert files. If you want to edit the PDF file directly, in that case, I have already written above some solutions about this.
pdf converting in many files

You can convert different format files to PDF files, not just PDF format. You can convert any Microsoft word document, image, text to PDF format. Some programs can do all things together. Such as you can convert PDFs together, create different format files, create PDFs, and then edit PDFs. You can take Caliber as an example of this type of program. It can convert PDF from e-book format and convert e-book from PDF.

PDF File Security

One of the most important security features of the PDF file is that you can make it password protected, that means the password will be required to open the file, edit it, to add a comment, add pages. This will make your document file secure.

There are many software programs, which allow you to make the file password protected. By using PDF Protect you can make any password protected PDF. However, there is another problem, if you forget the PDF file password, then you can lose access to your file, and it can really be a big headache. So, unfortunately, if you forget the password, you can easily recover the PDF password using PDF Crack, GUA PDF, Free My PDF (online tool).

Note: If you want, then I will publish the detailed tutorial on PDF file Password Crack, but it will be required to request me with comment.

Why PDF is still important?
pdf still emergency

PDF is still very important and widely popular, the biggest reason for this is Portability. Another use is that it does not matter if you see the file from the different device, you can see it from a computer, watch it from a mobile, view it from the tablet, and see the same experience and equal expertise everywhere. If you have used a font in the PDF file, if it is not installed on a different computer, then there is no problem, because the font is embedded in the PDF itself.

Also, think about Document sharing, you've sent someone a Microsoft Word Document, must have Microsoft Word or separate document viewer software installed on your computer, even though Word files can be accessed using Google Docs, but many of them do not know. If you talk about the PDF, if you download the file with the web browser, you can easily watch it, no more tension!

So how many PDF files do you use or how many PDF files are used? Or do you use Word files as a primary document file? Do you forget your PDF file password? Comment down below, or if you use a separate document extension file, why use it, share everything with us!

If you think that it is useful then share it with others.

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Windows 10 Groove Music And Movies Apps Review [Entertainment Apps]

Microsoft is all set to introduce many productive offers to its users with Windows 10 Operating System and loads more with its Entertainment section. Windows 10 has been packed up with entertainment apps like Minecraft, Groove et al along with new look design and gaming solutions.

Windows 10 devices can enjoy all first party apps installed for free and run with refreshed design all the way which is concerned with most of the users to experience a new feel over the OS. Windows Insiders community revealed best entertainment features in Windows 10 which can be widely used with a secure experience.

Entertainment Apps on Windows 10:-

1. Music:- Windows 10  has upgraded its Xbox Music with the latest of Groove by which users can access their music files in a single tap or click across the devices in a quick and efficient way of access. People are said to love the way Groove works in pinning and reshuffling the song which is gone a to be on repeat mode.

2. Movies & TV:-  Previously it is called as Xbox Video and now it has been rechristened as Movies & TV. By this app, customers can have a moody change with its use.

Groove and Movies & TV apps are said to be first introduced on Desktop platform of Windows 10 while to other devices to be rolled out post the release of this version and receiving the feedback.

Overview of  Music, Video Entertainment feature Apps on Windows 10:-

Groove Music App –

Groove Music app for windows 10

Look and Feel:- With the latest version of Groove one could access the music files on Windows 10 in a go which brings an improved experience feel to the customers. One could easily navigate between Music files and Menus which can be operated by Keyboard/Mouse and on a touchscreen with touch gestures. Can drag ones favorite songs into the playlists which is live and could control playback from the hover taskbar. In the Groove App, the theme can be set with the mood by going into Windows Settings. Customers can infuse their personality into Groove.

Access Music on Different Devices:- With OneDrive Integration in Windows 10 it is flexible to access Music files between customers favorite devices without much difficulty. Once users upload all MP3 Music files into OneDrive, even iTunes purchased songs can be uploaded and later on can be accessed with Groove app in a variety of devices like Xbox, web, Android and iPhone version is said to be introduced soon.

Windows Store and Music App:-  One could get complete hassle-free access to Groove Music Pass by a premium ad-free subscription fee of $9.99/month or $99/year by which users could access to stream and download music from the Windows Store with a new experience. Windows Store has almost 40 million tracks (adding On) with the subscription customer can get access to the tracks where they could favorite songs, albums, and artists by which they could create custom radio. Groove Music Pass could be avail from selected markets and the price varies.

Movies & TV –

windows 10 movies and tv

Love having fun with Videos app:-  Windows 10 is carrying Movies & TV app by which users can play movies, TV shows they loved along with their personal videos with a new feel of a playlist. Movies & TV comes in elegant design through the playback option of all imported personal videos play brings the fresh feel. Additional to it. MKV format also added by which the support has gained a new importance.

Windows Store:-  Through the Windows store customers can buy or rent movies and TV shows in HD formats with the means of Movies & TV on Windows 10 OS devices and could be shared among them too. Movies & TV app offers discounts and deals while users rent or buy any TV show or movie at the store.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Top 4 Best Free Project Management App [Must Read]

project manager software, free project app

When the question is project management, of course, it is necessary to work as a professional.  To work in writing or save on a computer or mobile notepad is never an ideal way. Notepad will never help you to manage your project properly. Using Powerful Project Management App and WebTool you can arrange and handle your projects extraordinarily. 

Though every tool is not according to your specific need, I will introduce you to some popular project management tools on this article. You must check it out. Each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages, so let's explore everything.


1. Asana

project management software asana

I would like to Asana in my first choice. Because this app is very easy to use and its user interface will be memorized at first watch. This app is so good and well organized that all of you and your project members can easily manage the project just in time. 

You can easily organize tasks in different categories and can easily distribute tasks among project team members. Adding the deadline to any task, and adding project file and tutorial is is just a simple task. You can also make conversation in Asana easily and thus possible to keep members on track. 
Asana has a text chatting system rather than call or video chat. Gives the ability to manage your project more importantly. This chat data will help you as a reference not only for just once but also any future problem. Although it is enough to handle small projects from its free versionbut its premium version gives the ability to add up to 15 subscribers and offers more deep reporting facilities. You can control the task of any internet browser using web-based applications. It also has an app version for smartphones.
Click here to access Asana from the web browser. There is a dedicated app for Android phones, which can be downloaded from here. Don’t worry, there are apps for iOS users also, just click here. 

2. Trello

project management software trello

Trello is my second choice. Breaking the tasks here and shown in separate card systems. It’s really amazing. Trello is very easy to use and like a to-do-list app. You can add files, images, videos, and also many things with the project. The best thing about it is that you use the app or use the web-based version, you can work in offline. When you are in online, the saved data will be synced with all the devices. 
The basic version of Trello can be used in free. Many amazing features will be possible to unlock by using this paid version. The paid version will give you the opportunity of adding many project members, large team management system, separate Dashboard for each etc. 
Click here to use the web version. You can download the android app from here and IOS app is here. 

3. Basecamp 3

free management app base camp

Basecamp 3 provides you such advantages those are expected from a project management app. I am sure Basecamp 3 will provide you better facilities rather than an ordinary project manager app. As a special feature, file sharing, task, calendar, file storage, and chat sessions will always have focused you and your project. 

This tool is free for teachers and students. If your business is large, then Basecamp offers 3 flat rate prices for $ 99 per month or $ 999 per year. Both apps and browser versions are available. Click here for the web versionAndroid User Click here, iOS user click hereand MacOS user click herewindows 7 and for the above version click here. 

4. Microsoft Project
free project management app microsoft

At the end of this list, I certainly would like to recommend to try Microsoft Project Manager at least once. This software has been stored since 1984 and has more than 20 million users. Of course, you do not need to give any idea about Microsoft; it is used by the world's largest companies as the first choice to manage their projects. 

It is added to the Microsoft Office. If you just want to use it you can pay for it. As it Microsoft’s so normally it goes to windows operating system easily. Unfortunately, this is not available for different platforms. Users of Windows 7 can download the software from here. 
So, from this Article, you have understood that every software has different and special features. Now, check what the best for your team. I would like to recommend you using the free version of the app. See if it is fit for you. If you have a lot of project and team members, then surely you will have to work to buy premium versions. If you have any question you can ask me in the comment box.