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How Different Websites and Apps protect your private data| Latest Tech news

is your private data safe
When we use Latest Technology internet and just click a normal web page, then open a new page. But many times there need to input data. In shopping sites, there need to input bank account details with personal information. But the problem is, your inputted data do not reach directly to the web server. Data reach the web server by crossing over many computers and it is not less risky to save your data in web server. Because your information exists such a place and you have no control over it. Anyone can access to your data by the hacking server. Then what will protect your data during data transmission and saving?

Here is encryption which secures data during data transmission and saving. In this Article today I will discuss how different websites and Apps Protect  Your Private data…

What is Encryption?

Computer data encryption or digital data encryption method works based on cryptography science, which is used by people many years to secure own data. Before the invention of the computer, the governments and armies were used an analog method of cryptography. However, in an easy sense encryption means a type of machine language which is worked by computer based on a special algorithm. It converts a normal data into a critical machine language which is not readable for a normal person, actually it is not a readable format at all.
is your private data safe

When data is sent, it makes it at sixes and sevens. The only receiver can understand what is written here. For an example, suppose to you send a letter to one of your bosom friends. In your letter, you inform him that you want to meet with him at 2 p.m. in a park. Suppose you have sent this letter by another person. Has there any guarantee that the person will not read the letter? If the person read it, he will understand the meaning because there have readable data. But if you use such a method that is understandable by only you and your friend. Suppose you wrote, “I saw 2 stars in the sky”. Assume that this code means that you want to meet with him at 2 p.m. your friend know that and it is discussed before. So others cannot understand it.

Encryption works just like that. When any data is encrypted, by which algorithm is used to encrypt it, there has information to both of its “key” sender and receiver. If anyone gets the data but he cannot read the encoded data. Because he has no key to understand it.

Websites / App Encryption:

app encryption
There have full of internet threats and hackers in the entire cyber world. So the security is the most important to protect it. That’s why the website or app that stored or shared user’s personal information are used encryption. The encryption algorithm and "key" of each website are different. 

Now in the case of this encryption to be a term you will see “how much bit encryption” is usually seen 128-bit encryption or this type of term. Here Bit means how many times the information is in turn and twisted.

The more encryption, the more turned and twisted data. And hackers need too much time to crack it. 5-bit encryption means the combination of 32 bits. That means the information can be turned and twisted in 32 possible ways. 6 bit-combination of 64, 7 bit-combination of 128 bits and so on. There is a combination of a thousand bits in the 10-bit key, a million of bits in 20-bit key and a billion of bits in 30-bit key. The more bit encryption, the hacker will become more puzzled to crack it.

Most of the today’s Android devices, iPhones, and web database are used 128-bit encryption (AES). That means there are a combination of more than 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bits. Hack will have to try these times to guess the real things. It will be better to note down that encryption is the best for security but it’s not a fully hacker proofed. It is possible to decrypt any encryption if there are time and powerful computer. If you make a normal mistake to do an encryption, it will demolish your security.

When you enter a password in a website or app then the site or the app encrypted or saved it in the database. If your password is not too strong, in that case, it will be easily possible to crack your password from the database. And if your password is too strong, in that case, it will be very hard for a hacker to crack your password after hacking website database or App. 

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There are many apps which encrypt your data but do not have an option to lock the app with a pin or password. Thus anyone may decrypt your data by accessing physically in your phone or app. Because he will be able to open the app easily. That’s why it is not very helpful for many mistakes even after encryption.

So always try to make tight the encryption. You must use a strong password where you keep the necessary 2-step verification on. Though encryption is not a full hacker proofed but also it gives the best security. Just do not blame websites or apps, you should have to be aware yourself. In future, it will be more secure by hiding data in the DNA.
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