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Key board shortcuts in Windows 10 technical preview

Windows 10 technical preview brings new keyboard shortcuts for the windows users,
here are the all-new keyboard shortcuts windows user need to know in windows10 technical preview.

Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts
Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts

Window snapping:
Windows10 technical preview improves snap as like “aero snap” in windows 7.
with this snapping feature, you can snap windows vertically one by one, instead of side by side.
here are all the shortcut keys for snapping:

windows key+left–>Snap current window to the left side.

windows key+right–>Snap current window to the right.

windows key+up–>Snap current window to the top.

windows key+down–> Snap current window to the bottom.
if you combine these snap shortcuts you’ll get a 2*2 snapping feature.
for example, windows key+left and then windows key+up would snap a window into the top left of the screen.

Task view and Window Management:
Windows Key + Tab – This opens the new Task View interface, and it stays open — you can discharge the keys. Just windows from your current virtual desktop will show up in the Task View run-down, and you can utilize the virtual desktop switcher at the base of the screen to switch between virtual desktops.

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Alt + Tab – This isn’t another console easy route, and it lives up to expectations simply like you’d anticipate that it will. Squeezing Alt+Tab gives you a chance to switch between your open Windows. Tap Tab again to flip in the middle of windows and discharge the keys to choose a window.
Alt+Tab now utilizes the new Task View-style bigger thumbnails. Not at all like Windows Key + Tab, Alt + Tab gives you a chance to switch between open windows on every single virtual desktops.

Virtual Desktops:
windows key+ctrl+D–>this creates you a new virtual desktop.
windows key+ctrl+f4–> this closes your current virtual desktop.4
windows key+ctrl+left/right—>this will switch to the virtual desktop on the left to right.

Command prompt:
the command prompt shortcut is default as in the previous versions of windows,
but in this new version of windows, you can copy and paste text in command prompt, for this first you have to enable them first.

Steps to enable Copy paste in Command prompt:

                                                                 step 1: 
windows 10 cmd

                                                             step 2: 
command prompt propertise

step 3: 
enable cmd in windows 10

copying and pasting Text:
ctrl+v (Or)shift+insert–>pastes the text at the cursor.

ctrl+c(or)ctrl+insert–>copies the selected text to the clip board.
Ctrl+A–>selects all text in the command prompt.

Selecting Text/Shift key shortcuts:
shift+left–>moves the cursor to left character.
shift+right–>moves the cursor to the right character.
shift+up-->moves the cursor to the up line.
shift+down–>moves the cursor to the downline.
ctrl+shift+right/left–>moves the cursor to the one word left or right.
shift+home/End–>moves the cursor to the beginning or the end of the line.
shift+page up/Page down–>Moves the cursor up or down screen.
ctrl+shift+home/End–>moves the cursor the beginning or end of the selecting text on screen.
ctrl+up/Down–>moves one line up or down in the command prompts history.
ctrl+Page up/Page down–>Moves one page up or down in the command prompt history.
Ctrl+m–>enter”mark mode” it help’s you to mark text.

ctrl+F–>It opens you a find dialogue for searching.
Alt+f4–>it closes the command prompt.
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