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How To Create a Hacker Proof Password? Latest Tech Tips

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Though our latest tech tips are “Hacker Proof Password", but the reality is that creating a password which is “Hack Proof” is not possible. Hacker is able to crack any password, just need only time, a strong computing system, correct word dictionary and accurate Brut Force attack. Thus any password of the world can be what is the importance of this article? The importance is to make hacker’s hacking difficult and challenging.

Suppose the door is open to your house, in that case, the thief will be able to enter your house comfortably. If you hang a large lock on the door, yes, it could be possible to break the lock. But the thief would have to face a lot of trouble. Most of the hack attacks are random, that means there has no target. It may be that an e-commerce site database has been hacked, and you have already created a strong probably the hacker will not able to break your password. Because their target is random that’s why they will not spend so much time to break a password.

So let’s know, how to create a Good password which is almost hacked proof!

Hack Proof Meaning

At first I will discuss the main three technique of strong password. First of all, there should not be use these types of password which are exist in the dictionary. If you use the dictionary word, you have to write it indirectly. Secondly, must create enough difficult and complex password. Thirdly, make a complex password by using common techniques that you will remember. But problem is if you forget your password!
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Now let’s in details discussion. At first I tell you- how long the password will be. See that it is not written anywhere, by adding how much character it is considered as a strongest password. However, to create any password there should be set at least 8 characters. To create a hacker-resistant password, it is important to create a 15-20 characters password. So that the Brut Process will be very long and dictionary attack will be very time consuming. Since most of the hackers are indolent, so if you are not the only target, they will not try hard to break your password.

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It does not have any dictionary word is more important than the how long password character will be. If your password is "smartboy" - so your password is 8 characters long, it will be easy to break using the dictionary program. The best method is to use sentence, phrases, or different types of words. Or you can create a password by removing the main word from any large sentence.

Such as­-

  • Yes, I am the best tech blogger — yimtbtb
  • Only I can change my life — oiccml
  • The past can't be changed — tpcbc
  • Always do your best — adyb
  • Quality is not an act, it is a habit — qinaaiiah
  •  Aim for the moon, if you miss, you may hit a star — aftmiymymhas

Extend the phrases

As I already mentioned, the password will hacker resistant if it has 15-20 character. So you must make your short word longer. Although to remember a long password is irritating. But believe the longer password, need the more time to attack brute force. You can add some special number to make the phrase longer. Or for remember you can add the name of the website account which you created.

Such as-
  • yimtbtb;1994 (Your date of birth)
  • oiccml@Darazdotcomdotbd
  • tpcbc%Gmaildotcom
  • adyb*Facebook
  • qinaaiiah#Win10
  • aftmiymymhas+paypal

Create non-alphabetical characters

When you create a password with the mixer of capital letter and small letter, it will be a very strong password. And use special characters, such as (@ # $% ^ &*).By using these characters, the hacker's dictionary database will be face more challenges. A strange type of password will be created that nobody can easily guess even the computer tools also. Some Of Good password list is given below.

Such as-

  • yimtbtb@;1994
  • oiccml@DarazDotComDotBD
  • tpcbc%Gm@ilDotCom
  • Adyb*@Faceb##k
  • Qinaaiiah#%Win10
  • aftmIymymhas+)paypaL)
Change your password frequently
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Finally I would like to recommend that change your password frequently or make them haphazard. In this way both your password and account will be hack resistance. Change your all websites password after several weeks. No need to reverse the full password or phrase. I recommend you to memorize 2-3 phrases and use them on different sites at different times. Hackers should never understand your phrase. Hackers should never understand your phrase.

Further, if you have trouble in remembering, you can use a good password manager. Password manager software such as “Lastpass” is a very good program that automatically creates a strong password for separate sites and remembers it. You just need to remember the master password. But a risk is also here. If the password manager of the database is hacked, then all your account passwords will be hacked simultaneously.

In the following table I try to give examples of some good passwords;

OK Password
Better Password
Excellent Password

Friends, hopefully, that you have gathered a clear concept about how to make Hack Proof password. Friends, the more steps you take for your password security, the less possibility of hacking. So, whimsically don’t make the mistake of threatening your account using common passwords.

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