Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How to Change Cortana Voice & Language in Windows 10

Microsoft is bringing up its Mobile voice assistant tool Cortana to Windows 10 Operating System and it is said to be new on board. Windows Mobile users are aware that Cortana is a voice assistant tool by which one could set reminders, send emails and even you could talk to her.
Cortana now supports 7 Regions accent which includes U.S., United Kingdom, China, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Voice assistant supports different accents all the way. One could easily be changed Cortana’s language voice to the above countries with below procedure we discusses below …

     With the change of Cortana’s region, Windows uses different date format, the layout of the keyboard along with Cortana headlines and promotions with Windows Store. If you wish to change to US region by switching Date and keyboard.

1. Navigate to Settings
Start Menu > Click Settings
Navigate to Settings

2. Click Time and Language
Click Time and Language

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3. In Left Pane > Select Region & Language
Select Region & Language

4. Select a New Region:-
Get the option from the pull-down menu, and users can also set these particular regions United States, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and China.
If you need Cortana to speak British Accent then opt to the United Kingdom

5. Click Add a Language and then > Add Language
Add Language

6. Select the Appropriate Language:-
The Menu shows major languages in the group and one can pick specific dialect in the next screen. Select English for example.

7. Select the Local Dialect for the language you have opted for. For example, select English (United Kingdom) for English.
Select the Local Dialect

8. Click the Language You Just Added.
Click the Language

9. Select “Set as default.”
Click the Language

New language will now be at the top of the list

10. Select the language again and hit Options
select option

11. Click the Download buttons under “Download language pack” and “Speech.”
Click the Download buttons under “Download language pack” and “Speech.” and wait until both are installed which takes few minutes.
download language pack

12. Click Settings under Speech
Click Speech

13. Select the new language: It's Your Preferred Selected Language

14. Check Recognize non-native accents . . .
non native accents

15. Restart your computer

Post restart, and when you launch Cortana. Set the voice assistant by providing your name.

16. Change your Keyboard  :-
To change to keyboard > Click button left of your system clock and select US Keyboard
Keyboard button labeled as “ENG” , ” ESP ”

Change the Date Format, Location

1. Search for “Region” in the Cortana / Search box and click “Region Control Panel”

2. In Format Menu > Select “English (United States)”

3. Click Ok

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