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Hints and tips before buying android phones

The android phones are the latest designed operating systems which are mainly used in the modern devices such as smart phones and tablets. It is best operating system as compared to the other operating systems. There are various android phones with varying features. The following are the given list about the tips of the android phones that would be useful to make you aware of android features.
One of the features of the android is that it creates icons on the home screen so that it becomes easy for you select any option you fast without searching much. Clicking on each icon is the gateway to enter in any options. The new android devices give you the latest technique to search with your voice process. You could search any options just by recording your voice. The latest technique is the most interesting feature of the android phones is to open the phone lock system just by staring at your phone. The lock could be opened only by the owner of the phone. The unique feature is that you could type letters only by saying the letters and you could see it on the screen.
Hints and tips before buying android phones
Hints and tips before buying android phones- news feed international

The android hints and tips are provided before you only to give you the latest information about it. the following are some of the android hints and tips;
  • You have to avoid your phone from automatically rotating and be aware of not to allow it to go on a sleep mode while charging.
  • You have to control the speed of the CPU with the set up application.
  • The android market region is changeable. The best among the android hints and tips are the market enabler that could be downloaded to switch the market into any place.
  • The notification alert for incoming e-mails could be stopped at any moment by choosing such options.
  • If it is impossible to get the Google application in you regions then you could get it in the android market by downloading the market enabler.
  • To make your phone free from boot loader you should get the battery out.
  • You could find the last application opened by you by pressing the hold button. To9 get the android tools we have the zip file and click on the folders.
With so many features it becomes tough for many users to handle it properly. So you should know the android hints and tips for getting its full benefit.
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