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4 Tips to Find Blog Post Ideas| Blogger Tips

Find ideas for blog posts can be sometimes difficult. Each blogger is confronted at least once in his life.
You will find below 4 tips that will help you find easily blog post ideas.
These tips have helped me a lot of time to find inspiration, hope they will help you too.

4 Tips to Find Blog Post Ideas
4 Tips to Find Blog Post Ideas

1. Use forums questions and problems to answer

I really love this way of getting inspiration because this helps your readers to get answers to their questions. This is the main sense of marketing, create content that answers and help your customers to be better.
It doesn’t take a lot of time, look how I proceed :
  1. I write in a small file a list of the most popular forums in my niche
  2. I select a category on each forum that interests me
  3. I read the first page of this category (logically threads are organized by descending so you have new discussions on the first page)
  4. I write in another file all questions that I found in this one
  5. I look if there is duplicate questions, if yes I keep the most asked and publish the best way my answer in the blog
  6. If you have more than one question you can keep it for another day
As you can see, it takes not a lot of time and does the job for multiple days. You answer a question that is asked several times, probably that there are other people that need your answer. You have now a blog post idea that interest people and will give you more traffic to your blog.

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2. Use book Table of Contents

In some niches of the blog, I often use this tips.
There is a lot of books, in many niches. I use the Table of contents to be inspired.
Amazon is the largest online store. They sell many books (I’ve not found a book on it!). You can find on some book that they sell the Table of contents.
Look how it works with this example :
  1. I go on Amazon website.
  2. Today I want to write a post about e-commerce, so I type “e-commerce” in the Amazon Search Bar and select the category “Books” (like in the below picture)
    amazon search bar
  3. As you can see Amazon proposes me some other keywords, if one of them interests you just click on it
  4. Now we have a list of books that correspond to “e-commerce” niche
  5. I just select one of these books (in my example: “Design and Launch an eCommerce Business in a Week (Entrepreneur Magazine’s Click Starts)“)
  6. I see the label “Click to LOOK INSIDE“. So I click on the image
  7. A popup appears. On the left you can select “Table of Contents“, click on it and you can see the table of contents of the book
  8. I note a page which is entitled “You Online Business’s URL, 41″
  9. That gives me a blog post idea: “The Best Way to Choose your Business URL”!
Not too difficult no? In 2 minutes we have our idea ;)
Note that table of contents is not always suggested by Amazon. You can find it easily on the website of the publisher.

3. Use your experience

My favorite! Share your experience with your readers.They will know you better and there is nothing better than a story to keep your readers interested.
Keep in mind how you have succeeded or how you have learned your passion and share these elements with your readers.
You don’t have to prepare your content, all pieces of information are in your mind. That can be a pleasure to remember some moments of your life that help you to grow up.
I personally use a lot experience in my writing, I do website since 10 years and it’s always a pleasure to remember what I did in the past and how I have learned to grow up my skills.

4. Brainstorming

Brainstorming can be a good way to be inspired for your next blog post.
The only thing you have to do is to select a subject and start to write without no limit many words that you have in your mind (concerned by your keyword).

The more word you write the more idea you will get.
Group these words and find questions, tips, and pieces of information about what to share.
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