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Latest Tips For Your Old Smartphone Use Before Selling Or Breaking.

Latest Tips For Your Old Smartphone Use
Today, the demand for computing is isolated. Smartphone manufacturers are introducing new performance mobile phones every year, and many people are buying new phones every year to get better performance and better feature. And maybe your old phones are either sold or gifted someone or destroyed, but do you know, can you be more productive with your dated smartphone? We always share Latest Technolgy Tips For You.

In this Article I will discuss the usage of old smartphone, that will be made easy your computing life or normal life.


You can use your old smartphone as a dedicated internet browser. Maybe the phone is kept in a kitchen, cooking recipes will be seen on the internet, and cooked again, and of course, you will not want to make the oil or stirring ginger in the new phone at the time of cooking! So old phones can be used for internet browsing.
Latest Tips For Your Old Smartphone Use

Why not just internet browsing, but you can use it dedicatedly for VoIP calls such as Skype, Duo, or any video chat app. keep your primary smartphone in Wi-Fi and then disconnect the Wi-Fi after use, so that battery can be saved. But the old phone always connects to the Wi-Fi, but what is the problem? There is no need to save battery, so you will never miss a call. Finally, it becomes your dedicated internet calling device!

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Portable Wi-Fi Router

I know, everyone will be benefited by this trick! I do not know about India, it is not necessary to write how bad the mobile network in Bangladesh is, all of you know it very well. It is very rare to find a 3G signal. The situation is worse in the rural areas! You can use your old phone as a portable Wi-Fi router to avoid weak network and weak Internet speed.

Portable Router

Maybe there is good cell signal available in your other room, or it may be that the 3G signal is available on the shelf even in the balcony. In that case, where the old phone reaches a good signal, set it with charger, and use comfortably by connecting the primary phone with Wi-Fi hotspot from the old phone, wherever you go, there will be no problem with internet signals. When I go to the village house, I use this trick uncountable times, believe it, it is real life saver!
In addition, you can use the old phone as a Wi-Fi router, as a result, the primary phones’ battery will be saved. It will be possible to use mobile internet as well as laptop or desktop.

Dedicated music player

If you are a music fan like me, so why not make the old phone a dedicated music player? You can always enjoy the music by connecting the phone to Bluetooth speaker or any stereo speakers. No separate DVD player or music player will be needed. 
Use as Music Player

With this, you can stream and play YouTube videos, and you can also play them on the speakers. You can create favorite playlists so that music players play only your favorite songs. Believe there are many advantages and benefits to using a player or smartphone from a different player.

You can stream any song in live online, or you can download it. Anyway, if you are a music fan, you do not have to say, you can find many benefits.

Cars’ Smart Screen

There are special advantages for car owners, to attach the old smartphone in the car. Your phone will be able to work as a GPS. Just open the Google Map and show where you want to go, thus you will able to avoid the cost of attaching separate GPS system. If you sign in with the required email account, your necessary email notifications will always flutter in front of your eyes. 
car Smart Screen

Besides, you can search your preferable restaurants, hotels and everything by using Google Maps. If you want to keep the old smartphone as the default Bluetooth music player of your car you can put it in front of you, you will get more benefits for having a smartphone touchscreen, and your life will be easier. But yes, before locking the phone in the car you should set it with charger, you must use the car charger, the battery of the phone will never be dead.

If you want you can use the phone as a Dashcam by setting it on the car Dashboard. There are many apps in the Play Store that will make your old phone a Dashcam. You will get rid of many accidents by using Car Dashcams. Many apps give you space to save online videos so that the recorded videos from Dashcam will go directly to the cloud and you will be able to watch later.

Wi-Fi Extender

Wifi Extender

In your home may have dedicated Wi-Fi router, but if your room is a little away from the Wi-Fi router or have some walls, then signal dropping problem is not a new thing. The signal problem means bad bandwidth rate. There is no need to describe how the mood would be when internet browser loading while working.

However, in this case, you can use your old smartphone as a Wi-Fi Extender.  Set up your smartphone near the router or outside your home, then install the ‘fqrouter2’ app, your old smartphone will work as a Wi-Fi signal repeater, and of course, you'll get a better signal than before. But yes, you must have your phone root to make such an app work!

Universal Remote Control

If you have an infrared sensor on your old phone, then there is nothing better and more useful than it. Separate remote for AIR, separate remote for TV, separate remote for DVD player, separate satellite TV receiver remote era is over. You can make your smartphone as a universal remote control.
Universal Remote control

There are many remote control apps in the Play Store, which will make your phone all-in-one remote control. What can be easier and happier life than it! Such a remote which is able to run any device, there is no anxiety to ruin remote button, and need not change the battery. So kill ten to twelve birds with one stone!

How To Create a Hacker Proof Password? Latest Tech Tips

how to make password security, strong password, online hack proof

Though our latest tech tips are “Hacker Proof Password", but the reality is that creating a password which is “Hack Proof” is not possible. Hacker is able to crack any password, just need only time, a strong computing system, correct word dictionary and accurate Brut Force attack. Thus any password of the world can be what is the importance of this article? The importance is to make hacker’s hacking difficult and challenging.

Suppose the door is open to your house, in that case, the thief will be able to enter your house comfortably. If you hang a large lock on the door, yes, it could be possible to break the lock. But the thief would have to face a lot of trouble. Most of the hack attacks are random, that means there has no target. It may be that an e-commerce site database has been hacked, and you have already created a strong probably the hacker will not able to break your password. Because their target is random that’s why they will not spend so much time to break a password.

So let’s know, how to create a Good password which is almost hacked proof!

Hack Proof Meaning

At first I will discuss the main three technique of strong password. First of all, there should not be use these types of password which are exist in the dictionary. If you use the dictionary word, you have to write it indirectly. Secondly, must create enough difficult and complex password. Thirdly, make a complex password by using common techniques that you will remember. But problem is if you forget your password!
what is hack proof meaning, how to be hacked, hack protect, hacker

Now let’s in details discussion. At first I tell you- how long the password will be. See that it is not written anywhere, by adding how much character it is considered as a strongest password. However, to create any password there should be set at least 8 characters. To create a hacker-resistant password, it is important to create a 15-20 characters password. So that the Brut Process will be very long and dictionary attack will be very time consuming. Since most of the hackers are indolent, so if you are not the only target, they will not try hard to break your password.

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It does not have any dictionary word is more important than the how long password character will be. If your password is "smartboy" - so your password is 8 characters long, it will be easy to break using the dictionary program. The best method is to use sentence, phrases, or different types of words. Or you can create a password by removing the main word from any large sentence.

Such as­-

  • Yes, I am the best tech blogger — yimtbtb
  • Only I can change my life — oiccml
  • The past can't be changed — tpcbc
  • Always do your best — adyb
  • Quality is not an act, it is a habit — qinaaiiah
  •  Aim for the moon, if you miss, you may hit a star — aftmiymymhas

Extend the phrases

As I already mentioned, the password will hacker resistant if it has 15-20 character. So you must make your short word longer. Although to remember a long password is irritating. But believe the longer password, need the more time to attack brute force. You can add some special number to make the phrase longer. Or for remember you can add the name of the website account which you created.

Such as-
  • yimtbtb;1994 (Your date of birth)
  • oiccml@Darazdotcomdotbd
  • tpcbc%Gmaildotcom
  • adyb*Facebook
  • qinaaiiah#Win10
  • aftmiymymhas+paypal

Create non-alphabetical characters

When you create a password with the mixer of capital letter and small letter, it will be a very strong password. And use special characters, such as (@ # $% ^ &*).By using these characters, the hacker's dictionary database will be face more challenges. A strange type of password will be created that nobody can easily guess even the computer tools also. Some Of Good password list is given below.

Such as-

  • yimtbtb@;1994
  • oiccml@DarazDotComDotBD
  • tpcbc%Gm@ilDotCom
  • Adyb*@Faceb##k
  • Qinaaiiah#%Win10
  • aftmIymymhas+)paypaL)
Change your password frequently
password change, hack proof password tips, how to prevent hack

Finally I would like to recommend that change your password frequently or make them haphazard. In this way both your password and account will be hack resistance. Change your all websites password after several weeks. No need to reverse the full password or phrase. I recommend you to memorize 2-3 phrases and use them on different sites at different times. Hackers should never understand your phrase. Hackers should never understand your phrase.

Further, if you have trouble in remembering, you can use a good password manager. Password manager software such as “Lastpass” is a very good program that automatically creates a strong password for separate sites and remembers it. You just need to remember the master password. But a risk is also here. If the password manager of the database is hacked, then all your account passwords will be hacked simultaneously.

In the following table I try to give examples of some good passwords;

OK Password
Better Password
Excellent Password

Friends, hopefully, that you have gathered a clear concept about how to make Hack Proof password. Friends, the more steps you take for your password security, the less possibility of hacking. So, whimsically don’t make the mistake of threatening your account using common passwords.

How Different Websites and Apps protect your private data| Latest Tech news

is your private data safe
When we use Latest Technology internet and just click a normal web page, then open a new page. But many times there need to input data. In shopping sites, there need to input bank account details with personal information. But the problem is, your inputted data do not reach directly to the web server. Data reach the web server by crossing over many computers and it is not less risky to save your data in web server. Because your information exists such a place and you have no control over it. Anyone can access to your data by the hacking server. Then what will protect your data during data transmission and saving?

Here is encryption which secures data during data transmission and saving. In this Article today I will discuss how different websites and Apps Protect  Your Private data…

What is Encryption?

Computer data encryption or digital data encryption method works based on cryptography science, which is used by people many years to secure own data. Before the invention of the computer, the governments and armies were used an analog method of cryptography. However, in an easy sense encryption means a type of machine language which is worked by computer based on a special algorithm. It converts a normal data into a critical machine language which is not readable for a normal person, actually it is not a readable format at all.
is your private data safe

When data is sent, it makes it at sixes and sevens. The only receiver can understand what is written here. For an example, suppose to you send a letter to one of your bosom friends. In your letter, you inform him that you want to meet with him at 2 p.m. in a park. Suppose you have sent this letter by another person. Has there any guarantee that the person will not read the letter? If the person read it, he will understand the meaning because there have readable data. But if you use such a method that is understandable by only you and your friend. Suppose you wrote, “I saw 2 stars in the sky”. Assume that this code means that you want to meet with him at 2 p.m. your friend know that and it is discussed before. So others cannot understand it.

Encryption works just like that. When any data is encrypted, by which algorithm is used to encrypt it, there has information to both of its “key” sender and receiver. If anyone gets the data but he cannot read the encoded data. Because he has no key to understand it.

Websites / App Encryption:

app encryption
There have full of internet threats and hackers in the entire cyber world. So the security is the most important to protect it. That’s why the website or app that stored or shared user’s personal information are used encryption. The encryption algorithm and "key" of each website are different. 

Now in the case of this encryption to be a term you will see “how much bit encryption” is usually seen 128-bit encryption or this type of term. Here Bit means how many times the information is in turn and twisted.

The more encryption, the more turned and twisted data. And hackers need too much time to crack it. 5-bit encryption means the combination of 32 bits. That means the information can be turned and twisted in 32 possible ways. 6 bit-combination of 64, 7 bit-combination of 128 bits and so on. There is a combination of a thousand bits in the 10-bit key, a million of bits in 20-bit key and a billion of bits in 30-bit key. The more bit encryption, the hacker will become more puzzled to crack it.

Most of the today’s Android devices, iPhones, and web database are used 128-bit encryption (AES). That means there are a combination of more than 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bits. Hack will have to try these times to guess the real things. It will be better to note down that encryption is the best for security but it’s not a fully hacker proofed. It is possible to decrypt any encryption if there are time and powerful computer. If you make a normal mistake to do an encryption, it will demolish your security.

When you enter a password in a website or app then the site or the app encrypted or saved it in the database. If your password is not too strong, in that case, it will be easily possible to crack your password from the database. And if your password is too strong, in that case, it will be very hard for a hacker to crack your password after hacking website database or App. 

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There are many apps which encrypt your data but do not have an option to lock the app with a pin or password. Thus anyone may decrypt your data by accessing physically in your phone or app. Because he will be able to open the app easily. That’s why it is not very helpful for many mistakes even after encryption.

So always try to make tight the encryption. You must use a strong password where you keep the necessary 2-step verification on. Though encryption is not a full hacker proofed but also it gives the best security. Just do not blame websites or apps, you should have to be aware yourself. In future, it will be more secure by hiding data in the DNA.

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Nokia 8 Mobile Reviews And Specifications And Price.

Nokia 8 Is Going To be there First Flagship Smartphone. Nokia 8 Special Feature Is There camera. Cause It Has been Dual Sensor camera And It can Capture Bokeh Effect. That Means, You Can Blur Your Image Background. Also, You Can Capture Your Image Even Low Light. Expert Opinion is That Nokia 8 Smartphone Can Fight With Samsung and Apple Flagship Mobile. So, Let's Have Some Idea About Nokia 8 Smartphone. Nokia 8 Launch In August.

Design and Display

This Smartphone Is Going to Be there Best and Smart Design Mobile Ever. This Smartphone Body Is Made From Aluminum. Also, This Phone Edge and Back Is made from Metal. It is only 7.9 MM Thick and You Must Love This Phone Design. And This Smartphone Corner Is Round Shape. So It's Look Classy. On the Other Side, If Any One Have Small Hand Then they can handle it Smartly.
nokia 8, nokia smartphone reviews, nokia 8 Price
Nokia 8 Design and Display
Nokia 8 Display Is 5.3 Inch. and it has LCD Pannel. and You Can See Smoothly This Phone Screen Under High Sun Light because of Its Skin Brightness. Also, You Can See Movie/Video smoothly.


Nokia 8 Smartphone Battery Is 3090 m.a.h.r . Don't Afraid To Hear To m.a.h.r. Cause This Battery Can Serve You A Whole Day. And You Can enjoy It's Quad Core Display Full Day Long. Since It Has Run Qualcomm 835 Chip So it Can Handle Power Easily.

It can Cool Your Mobile By There Latest Liquid Cooling System. It Has USB-C. And It enables Quick Charger 3. Though It Does Not Have Wireless Charger But It's Not a Problem Actually. 
nokia 8 battery, nokia 8 display


Nokia family Now Attention to improving There camera In Nokia 8. That's Why They Use 13 Mega Pixel Dual Sensor Camera. One Of The Sensor Is RGB Lens And Othe Is Monochrome Shooter Sense. You Can Smoothly Capture Your Image In Low Light. And You can Capture Real Black And White Image By This Camera. Ordinary Camera Can capture Better Image In Sunlight But Very  Bad In Low Light. That's why Nokia 8 Use Dual Sensor camera On it. You Can Capture Nice Selfie By there 19 Megapixel Camera.
nokia 8 camera

Awesome Feature Of Nokia 8

Nokia 8 Has 835 Snapdragon Processor. This Processor Is Also Given On Samsung Galaxy S 8. If You are Not Use Your Phone Than It's Use A bit Power Cause Of Snapdragon Processor as Highly Optimized Feature. That's why it Battery Life can Long Lasting.

Nokia 8 Has 4 GB Ram. But 6 GB Ram Can Found Specific Area. In my Point of View, 4 GB Ram Is Enough For Nokia 8. Cause Nokia 8 Passed so Many Tested By GB Ram.

 If You Love To Play Game then Nokia 8 Can Be your PlayStation. cause This Smartphone Can Run Every Game Smoothly. Also 64 GB Internal Storage Is enough for User. and system File Is 8 GB Storage. So You Can Found 0 GB Free Storage and It is enough To storage your image and Video. If It's Not Enough for You then You can Use 256 External Memory Card in It.
nokia 8 feauture

This Smartphone Use Stock Android 7. That Means You can Find Out Google Android 7 every Feature on it. Although There Is Bug On Nokia 8, Hope They Can Fix That Issue By Updating There Software.

Audio Speaker Quality Is Good enough. But You can Not Satisfied Other Handset Audio Quality. However, Not Everyone Hear Song Over The Phone. 3.5 MM Headphone Is Used On Nokia 8. There Plus Point Is they are not Dropped Audio Jack Yet. Though Nokia 8 Is Not Most Powerfull smartphone In the market. This Phone Is Nokia Brand Flagship Phone That's Why We can Trust On it.


You Can Find Out Nokia 8 Price By There Website. United State People can Find On This Link Nokia Price

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Latest News Of Olympics 2020 In Tokyo| Eye ruffle Technology You Can See

Olympics 2020 Held In Tokyo After 1964. Tokyo Goes To Celebration Sports Festival Like Olympics. In Aisa, Tokyo Is Organizing This Festival Second Time. This Could Cost 3 Trillion Yen. Tokyo wants to Turn Around In 2011 The Horrific earthquake By Organizing This Sports Events. Note That, After The Defeat Of 2nd World War Japan Turn Around And Organize Olympics Events On 1964.
Latest News Of Olympics 2020 In Tokyo, olympics 2020 details, technology in olympics

Eye ruffle Technology Of Olympics 2020

Japan Already Builds Many Venue To Show Their Ability. Their Planner Design The Venue To Capture 85% Event in 8 Kilometer Area. National Stadium Of Japan In 1964 They Used as the main Venue In This 2020 Also. They Make The Stadium More Attractive Look By Giving Its Shape, Flying Saucer. This Stadium Can Hold 80 Thousand People.

Tokyo Government Think That This Event Can Earn By their Tourism Sector One And Half Trillion Yen. It's Come From Selling Of Olympics Items and Housing Costs. It Can Exceed 3 Trillion Yen By Private Sector Investment. Half A million New Job Also Created.

8k Technology

8k camera used in olympics 2020, 2020 camera, olympics camera
8k camera
In 2020 Olympic Has Been Directly Live By 8k Technology Video camera. They Broadcast it By Hybrid System. You Can Comment And Tweet it also See Your Comments and Tweet on Screen. Also, You Can See Live Score Update and Details Update Clearly. 32 Megapixel Camera Is In Use Of This Events and This Camera Is Highly Sensitive. It Can Keen 16 times than any ordinary Camera.

This Camera Is Used In 1964 Olympics They Broadcast it Fully Live and It is a Color Camera.
tokyo 1964 olympics camera

                                                 Sound Receiver
sound reciver

 This Sound Receiver Can Record High-Quality Sound.  A zooming Sound camera Is also there Latest Technology Which Takes Them To Higher  Place. This camera can Zoom From Sound Source. Means, Camera Can Do it Automatically whenever its Need To zoomed By Sound. Camera Man Can Be Relaxed.
camera zooming sound

Live Subtitle

You Can See Live Subtitle On Screen. The Japanese Language Is So Tough Thats Why they plan to add subtitle for there Viewers.
live subtitle

Sign Language For Dumb People

in 2020 Tokyo Olympics They Setup Automatically Sign Language For Dumb People.
sign language for dumb people

Instant Translation System

You Can Translate There language Instantly By There System. 
instant translator

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Key board shortcuts in Windows 10 technical preview

Windows 10 technical preview brings new keyboard shortcuts for the windows users,
here are the all-new keyboard shortcuts windows user need to know in windows10 technical preview.

Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts
Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts

Window snapping:
Windows10 technical preview improves snap as like “aero snap” in windows 7.
with this snapping feature, you can snap windows vertically one by one, instead of side by side.
here are all the shortcut keys for snapping:

windows key+left–>Snap current window to the left side.

windows key+right–>Snap current window to the right.

windows key+up–>Snap current window to the top.

windows key+down–> Snap current window to the bottom.
if you combine these snap shortcuts you’ll get a 2*2 snapping feature.
for example, windows key+left and then windows key+up would snap a window into the top left of the screen.

Task view and Window Management:
Windows Key + Tab – This opens the new Task View interface, and it stays open — you can discharge the keys. Just windows from your current virtual desktop will show up in the Task View run-down, and you can utilize the virtual desktop switcher at the base of the screen to switch between virtual desktops.

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Alt + Tab – This isn’t another console easy route, and it lives up to expectations simply like you’d anticipate that it will. Squeezing Alt+Tab gives you a chance to switch between your open Windows. Tap Tab again to flip in the middle of windows and discharge the keys to choose a window.
Alt+Tab now utilizes the new Task View-style bigger thumbnails. Not at all like Windows Key + Tab, Alt + Tab gives you a chance to switch between open windows on every single virtual desktops.

Virtual Desktops:
windows key+ctrl+D–>this creates you a new virtual desktop.
windows key+ctrl+f4–> this closes your current virtual desktop.4
windows key+ctrl+left/right—>this will switch to the virtual desktop on the left to right.

Command prompt:
the command prompt shortcut is default as in the previous versions of windows,
but in this new version of windows, you can copy and paste text in command prompt, for this first you have to enable them first.

Steps to enable Copy paste in Command prompt:

                                                                 step 1: 
windows 10 cmd

                                                             step 2: 
command prompt propertise

step 3: 
enable cmd in windows 10

copying and pasting Text:
ctrl+v (Or)shift+insert–>pastes the text at the cursor.

ctrl+c(or)ctrl+insert–>copies the selected text to the clip board.
Ctrl+A–>selects all text in the command prompt.

Selecting Text/Shift key shortcuts:
shift+left–>moves the cursor to left character.
shift+right–>moves the cursor to the right character.
shift+up-->moves the cursor to the up line.
shift+down–>moves the cursor to the downline.
ctrl+shift+right/left–>moves the cursor to the one word left or right.
shift+home/End–>moves the cursor to the beginning or the end of the line.
shift+page up/Page down–>Moves the cursor up or down screen.
ctrl+shift+home/End–>moves the cursor the beginning or end of the selecting text on screen.
ctrl+up/Down–>moves one line up or down in the command prompts history.
ctrl+Page up/Page down–>Moves one page up or down in the command prompt history.
Ctrl+m–>enter”mark mode” it help’s you to mark text.

ctrl+F–>It opens you a find dialogue for searching.
Alt+f4–>it closes the command prompt.

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7 Useful Tips to change dark Skin color| Beauty Tips

It is necessary to make a few cosmetic notes with dietary foods that help change Dark color. Everyone Try To Do Change Their Black Skin Color. Now I wrote Some Beauty Tips For You

7 Useful Tips to change dark color
1. Put on the face of honey and paneer with green beans and wash it for half an hour.

2. People with dry skin will get a cold soaking in the night at night to get rid of cassava.

3. Avoid putting the eye around the base pack.

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7 Useful Tips to change dark color
4. When bathing, two drops of coconut oil will be left in the water, and the whole day will be a brush.

5. Ponnakani spinach, black paneer, grapes, pineapple, pepper powder and grind to drink, The color will change

6. Fresh flour, green pepper, sandalwood and Kasturi turmeric powder and face wash when the face is dazzled.

7. The color of the rose is to massage the rose petals, roses, oranges.

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4 Tips to Find Blog Post Ideas| Blogger Tips

Find ideas for blog posts can be sometimes difficult. Each blogger is confronted at least once in his life.
You will find below 4 tips that will help you find easily blog post ideas.
These tips have helped me a lot of time to find inspiration, hope they will help you too.

4 Tips to Find Blog Post Ideas
4 Tips to Find Blog Post Ideas

1. Use forums questions and problems to answer

I really love this way of getting inspiration because this helps your readers to get answers to their questions. This is the main sense of marketing, create content that answers and help your customers to be better.
It doesn’t take a lot of time, look how I proceed :
  1. I write in a small file a list of the most popular forums in my niche
  2. I select a category on each forum that interests me
  3. I read the first page of this category (logically threads are organized by descending so you have new discussions on the first page)
  4. I write in another file all questions that I found in this one
  5. I look if there is duplicate questions, if yes I keep the most asked and publish the best way my answer in the blog
  6. If you have more than one question you can keep it for another day
As you can see, it takes not a lot of time and does the job for multiple days. You answer a question that is asked several times, probably that there are other people that need your answer. You have now a blog post idea that interest people and will give you more traffic to your blog.

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2. Use book Table of Contents

In some niches of the blog, I often use this tips.
There is a lot of books, in many niches. I use the Table of contents to be inspired.
Amazon is the largest online store. They sell many books (I’ve not found a book on it!). You can find on some book that they sell the Table of contents.
Look how it works with this example :
  1. I go on Amazon website.
  2. Today I want to write a post about e-commerce, so I type “e-commerce” in the Amazon Search Bar and select the category “Books” (like in the below picture)
    amazon search bar
  3. As you can see Amazon proposes me some other keywords, if one of them interests you just click on it
  4. Now we have a list of books that correspond to “e-commerce” niche
  5. I just select one of these books (in my example: “Design and Launch an eCommerce Business in a Week (Entrepreneur Magazine’s Click Starts)“)
  6. I see the label “Click to LOOK INSIDE“. So I click on the image
  7. A popup appears. On the left you can select “Table of Contents“, click on it and you can see the table of contents of the book
  8. I note a page which is entitled “You Online Business’s URL, 41″
  9. That gives me a blog post idea: “The Best Way to Choose your Business URL”!
Not too difficult no? In 2 minutes we have our idea ;)
Note that table of contents is not always suggested by Amazon. You can find it easily on the website of the publisher.

3. Use your experience

My favorite! Share your experience with your readers.They will know you better and there is nothing better than a story to keep your readers interested.
Keep in mind how you have succeeded or how you have learned your passion and share these elements with your readers.
You don’t have to prepare your content, all pieces of information are in your mind. That can be a pleasure to remember some moments of your life that help you to grow up.
I personally use a lot experience in my writing, I do website since 10 years and it’s always a pleasure to remember what I did in the past and how I have learned to grow up my skills.

4. Brainstorming

Brainstorming can be a good way to be inspired for your next blog post.
The only thing you have to do is to select a subject and start to write without no limit many words that you have in your mind (concerned by your keyword).

The more word you write the more idea you will get.
Group these words and find questions, tips, and pieces of information about what to share.