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Favorite sports News Of Some Country

Favorite sports News Of Some Country
We Live In This Planet Earth. In This Planet We Have So Many Country And So Many Favorite Sports. Different Country Belongs To Different Sports Of Their Favorite. Every Country Culture Has Represent Their Sports. Some Country Favorites Sports Is Athletics, Cricket, Hockey, Kabaddi, Football. Lets Find Out Which Country Has Their Favorite Sports To Play.

  • United States OF America Favorites sports
American's Are So Many Sports Category. Based On Revenue Four Sports They Love To Play Baseball , Basket Ball , Football and Hockey. Soccer Is There Fastest Sports They Played. In their High Schools And University is organized Sports. Their college sports sanctioning body is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Lets Get More Idea About Their Favourite Sports.

michel phelps,Olympics Athletes Swimmer
 National Olympic Committee Is United State Olympic Committee for united States. In Athletics Category They Have Won Lots Of medal. In Swimming and track And field They won More medals Average Ratio Is 20% .  American Athletes Michael Phelps Is Speedy Swimmer all The time. He Won's 28 Medals Instead Of 23 Gold medals. However There Olympic Event Is So Rich By Their Athletes.

 There Individual Sports 
Motor Sports Is There Very Best Individual Sports. Motor Sports Is Americans Generally Show Little Interest In There Major International Compositions. Moto Gp And Formula One Is More Home Growing Racing Series. In International Series Some Of Americans Have Achieve Great Success In This Motor Sports.
IndianaPolis 500 This Motor Sports Is Also A growing The Most Popular Nationwide. an acrimonious Split in 1994 between the primary Series. 

Golf  Is Played By United States 25 million People. Jack nicklaus Is the Greatest Golfer Of The all Time. In His Career He  winning Total 18 Major Career Championship Over A Span OF 25 Years. United States Professional Golf Tour Is PGA Tour.Several Television Networks Aired On Golf, Golf Channel, ESPN, NBC, CBS and Fox.

Tennis Is Also Most Played Five Category in Men's And Ladies. US Open Played In Late August USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center In New York. Billy Jean King Was Founded Women's Tennis Associations.

  • Indian Favourite Sports

Between 1928 and 1956, India's hockey team won six consecutive Olympic gold medals, a domination Indian cricketers have never threatened to rival. Despite having more cricketers than the rest of the world put together, India has only fairly recently become consistently competitive at cricket.

Favourite sports News Of Some Country

 In the post industrial period, time meant money, factory work was paid by hour, day or week.

Nor was cricket's conquest of India a colonial ruse. India's 19th-century British rulers never intended to proselytise their favourite game. But this proved to be the original, and perhaps most important, reason for its astonishing spread. Anxious for the prestige that the British attached to the game, some of the richest and most ambitious Indians – including Parsi and Hindu business communities in Bombay and princely rulers elsewhere – began playing it off their own bat (as it were). Thus, cricket became a game of the Indian elite, loaded with political significance which it has never lost. The fact that Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first prime minister, also opened the batting for the Indian Parliament side was a symbol of a wider retention of British culture and institutions. No other sport has ever received such top-level patronage in India.

Football Is also Indian Most Played Sports. They Has lots Of improvements in this football Area. They Played Football and well Ranked In FIFA. 

  • Bangladeshi Favourite Sports

 In Bangladeshi Culture Kabaddi Is The National Sports And then Cricket And Football Is Their Favourite Sports to Played. Bangladesh White Washed Pakistan In 2015.
 Bangladesh Cricket Squad Is Now A Growing and Leading Cricket Team. Shakib Al Hasan allrounder Of Every Cricket Format . 

Kabaddi Local Very Popular Sports. In Every Occasion Its Played By Village People. Bangladesh Has Regular Participate This Game In Asian Sports. As A Lack Of funds and other reasons they have lots Of Weakening.

One Of Most Played Sports Is Football Also. Although Negllency  Of Goverments and there Foundation Is Weakening There ability To Prove Them Best.

  • Canadian Favorites Sports   

Canada - Hockey, but also Canadian rules Football and Curling.
In Canada, the newspaper can have two pages of local news, two more of provincial and national news, two of international news, and eight pages of hockey coverage. People have their hockey stick available year round because a road hockey game may break out in the middle of the summer.

         But to the surprise of most people, Canadian rules Football actually gets better television ratings for its final, the Grey Cup, than does the Stanley Cup playoffs. Those that follow it know the dynamics and to some degree the histories of the various teams, the distinctions between it and the American rules, and appreciate the more open playing field it uses.
And then there is Curling. It shouldn’t be as popular as it is, but there is a cerebral aspect to it. Shuffleboard on ice, with the sweeping of a track over a pebbled ice surface to use the force of one rock to move about other rocks, trying to place as many of one team’s stones closer to a target than any of the opponent’s. And the yell: “Hurry! Hurry harrrrrrd!!!” Both men and women play it, and while the rules are the same, the strategies are noticeably different due to the strengths of the throws. Watching the game on television gives the overhead view of the play that the competitors don’t have available and would make their play so much easier.

      Association Football - aka soccer - is played at some time in life by most in school years as it is easy to set up and understand the basics while good exercise. For certain sections of the population, it is as faithfully followed as it is in Europe, and with Canada’s large immigrant population, there is likely a large party for whichever country wins the World Cup.
America’s National Football League (the NFL) gets large devoted following - not as much as in the States, but definitely solid. It is more for the league and its teams proper rather than the full breadth of the sport as American College Football draws little interest.

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