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Bedroom wall quotes || Nice Quotes

Hello People, Today i share with you Bedroom wall quotes. Yes! this quotes is for all of us. A quotes is meaningful thoughts which can refine your mind.

You Can make a sticker with this bedroom quotes and Hang it on your wall

           ""Capture The beautiful Dream, Keep a good dream Mirror""

bedroom wall sticker quotes

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LastPass Review for Beginners: The #1 Password Manager

Are you facing problem with remembering different passwords for the different website? Or are you solving that problem with an old step setting the same password for every website?

Well. The new version of that old step has come to let you be tension free of remembering different passwords for different websites. That is LastPass.

review of lastpass

You have to set only a Master keyword and that password will secure all the other passwords. So, why being late? Let's discover this Password manager.

Why Using a Secure Password Manager is Important?

In this modern era, with the welfare of the web developer, risk of cyber threat is also increasing at a suspicious rate. In your device, you may connect yourself with the different server with the different Passwords and ID. To minimize the risk of cyber threat, you should use different passwords.

So, what is the next? Do you want to remember all these different passwords or to remember only a single password that will protect all the other different password?

What do you prefer most? Obviously, the second one- remembering the single password. Yes, that's a password manager do. A password manager will secure your every single necessary password in your device. LastPass do this with a guarantee and render some other special function too.

LastPass App: An Overview

Simply to say, LastPass works as a volt that stores your password and ensures safety. It will manage all your password for free. LastPass free version is available for anyone.

Also, it has the premium version. You can also use a web extension for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox, and Safari. But with the premium version, you can save sensitive data also like your bank account information.

LastPass works with a master password and with that password you can save all the different passwords. One of their recent advantages is that you can also share your password with anyone without revealing the password so that the person can access but won't be able to know the password.

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Whatever, it is so popular among the people. It has been rewarded as Editors choice by PC Magazine in 2009. A report came in 2017 and in that report Lastpass was one of the four popular password managers.

What Are the Benefits you will get?

It is normal to have the curiosity to know how you will get benefit from a service. Let's have a look at them.
  • It will generate passwords. 
  • It will work as a volt for your each and every password. 
  • It will also save your sensitive data. 
  • It will let you share your password with anyone without revealing the password. 
  • Automatic form filling service is also available. 
  • You will have to remember only the master password. 
  • LastPass provides two-step identification. 
  • Provides a detailed report about each and every password which has been saved. 
  • It will also help you to increase the strength of your password by giving you hint. 
  • It can test and will tell you about the strength of your password. 
  • LastPass will also inform you to change your master password if something happens wrong. 
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How to Use LastPass?

Are you thinking about how to use LastPass? Are you facing problems? Don't worry we have included here a brief explanation of bite-size chunks. Let's have a look at the step-by-step process.

Download LastPass in your browser
At first, you have to download the LastPass as an extension to your preferred browser. You will find the free version easily for LastPass download.

Install in your browser

Now, install by simply following the provided instructions by LastPass. After installing the LastPass, allow it to add an add-on to your browser.

Create an account

Now, create a LastPass account. Give your email address and a strong master password for LastPass sign in. Remember that password will protect your other passwords.

Save the password or other information

Now, it is time to save the passwords of other websites in the LastPass. When you will go to a new website, you will find the icon of LastPass beside the password button. After entering the password, click that icon and save that password. The password will automatically pop up when you will re-enter into that website.

Use ‘Security challenge’ features

Fix your passwords with the security challenge features of LastPass. In ‘My vault' option you will find security challenge. Open that tab and enter your password. Go for my score and analyze the password.

Add fill up form information

When to saving the information, you can go to add form fills and there you can save your information.

LastPass Free vs Premium: The Comparison

There is a premium version of LastPass. You may ask about the extra service that you will get in the premium version. Let’s see them.
  • You can share your password with many. 
  • You can access in your emergency. 
  • There is an advance multifactor function. 
  • File storage like 1 GB. 
  • Last of all, all the options available in the free version. 

Frequently Faced Problems and How to Solve Them

  • LastPass Chrome Extension not Working/Corrupted
  • Start your chrome. Go to LastPass extension. 
  • Then click on the manage extension. 
  • Check the Developer mode if it has not been checked already. 
  • Now, go to background HTML. 
  • Get the console log by clicking the show console button. 
  • Then copy that to the support ticket. 

Hopefully, your problem will solve with this solution.

  • LastPass Firefox not Working 
  • Go to tools in the firefox and the web developer. 
  • Then go to the error console by Ctrl+Shift+J 
  • Then if you don’t find anything related to LastPass, attach the support to any error. 

LastPass hacked- what can I do now?

Your account will be temporarily disabled if any unwanted malware or hackers hack your password.

  • You will have to go to LastPass site and there you will find a page named ‘Unlock your LastPass account. 
  • Use the device that is familiar to LastPass. 
  • Enter the email and quickly change the password when you will get access. 
Final Thoughts
Therefore, you know about everything related to LastPass now. So, what are you waiting for? Download today your LastPass extension and enjoy your web surfing with only a Single password!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Expert Tips to maintain iCloud security

icloud icon
Prevention is better than cure. Before facing any problem, it is better to do something so that the problem can't arise. In our daily life, the device like Apple bears one of the most significant functions.

Our daily life runs through this. So, we should stay concerned about the security of our device. Let's see what I have described for you to make you understand how to maintain iCloud security.

iCloud safety: Why you need to maintain the security?

If you forget iCloud security code and don't know how to maintain? Just stay with us, you must have better idea about icloud keychain.

In the Apple device, all the information gets storage into iCloud. It’s the best addition to the Apple device. But not for so long whether you don’t maintain the proper security of it. So, it is important to know the best and effective way to make your iCloud safe. Don’t neglect this issue.

End-to-end data encryption process: Apple applies the best security

You may ask that what Apple has done to maintaining their security safe and sound. The answer is they are maintaining the best way of data security. And it is end-to-end data encryption. With this encryption, no one can read the data of yours'. Just with a code, you can beat the risk of losing your all information.
maintain iCloud security
All the features and data like home data, debit card, credit card, keychain etc. all are reserved in the iCloud. But here the safety is maintained by end-to-end data encryption. There is fact that you have to use two-step verification to run the encryption system.

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Two-step verification: Must do for every Apple user

This should pop-up in your head that what is two-step verification actually if you don’t know about it. It’s a kind of two-step checking system that whether you are the real user or not.

What’s the process?

You have to select a trusted device and every time when you will try to enter into your Apple device signing information will appear on your trusted device. That signing information will be six- digit- number. Only by placing the code from your trusted device you can enter into your device. So, that’s the action process of two-step verification.

Your trusted device can be only Apple devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or Mac which are already enrolled in two-step verification.

And the numbers should be your trusted phone number. And remember the six-digit code is always a temporary code. You can't use it for the second time.

How to enable two-step verification?

You can follow the below steps to ensure the two-step verification in your Apple device.

  • At first, go to settings and then go to your profile.
  • Go to password and security.
  • Turn two-factor authentication on.
  • Click on ‘continue’.

If you are using iOS 10.2 or earlier than follow the steps below.

  • Go to settings and then iCloud.
  • There go to Apple ID and go to password and security.
  • Then turn the authentication on.
  • Click on ‘continue’.

Now place the phone number as your trusted phone number and ensure the verification way. After that, on that specific device, you will get the notification with a code. Apply the code to your new device. Here's now your two-factor verification is in an active mood.

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Best 5 effective tips: Helpful to maintain the security

iCloud backup:

It is better to upload every necessary data of your phone into your iCloud. That's the only reason for which iCloud has been made. You can store your message, photos, videos, information etc. You can turn off the backup whenever you want. I think this simple work can help you a lot from losing necessary data of yours.

Don't stick into the same old password

It is a common nature of everyone to stick to the same code for years to years. You shouldn't do this. If your old password somehow gets leaks, you will lose your important information. By default, Apple device won't remember you that you have to change the password but you should change the password within every two months.

Log out other browsers

Sometimes, we go to our browsers form others pc or laptop or phone but forget to log out. Don’t worry you can log out later by using your iCloud account. You can also check any unwanted browser is using your iCloud or not.

To check your iCloud device, you have to go to the iCloud site. From there you can enter into your account by applying your log-in ID and password. There is my device and from there you can check the devices that are logged in with iCloud.

Create a strong password

Always create a strong password for making your iCloud account safe. A strong password demands for mixed characters like upper and lower case, number and symbols. Without a strong password, you can't ensure the safety of your iCloud perfectly.

Remove unwanted data

You may think that simply deleting is erasing the data from my device. But actually, always it doesn't happen. If you want to make your device enough safe, always permanently delete your unwanted data. You may use such apps to do this.

Bonus tip: Turn off find my phone

There is an extra bonus suggestion for you only. The fact is with the Apple device there is an option to find your phone. You have to log in into your iCloud and you can see where your Apple device is. If you lost your device, you can check by this to find your device.

But this function can be harmful to your privacy. There is a chance to get exposed to this feature. You should turn this feature off. But if you think that the information isn't so much private, than you may use the ‘find my phone' feature.


So, that's all about the iCloud security maintaining. Here the tips are so much effective and helpful to secure your iCloud. Most of us aren't much concerned about the security of our device. This shouldn't happen. Don't take the risk. And always use two-factor verification system in your Apple device. Be wise and enjoy your happy life.

Friday, August 31, 2018

iCloud security code full solution : Expert Opinion

icloud security code expert solution

For an Apple user, the most important factor is iCloud. There the safety code means a lot to an Apple user. And there are such common problems that every Apple user faces. Here we have explained in a bite-size chunk on iCloud security code. So, why late? Give a look-

I-cloud security code: Why it is important?

A storage system is like your house where you store your important documents and products. So, here in the cloud system of this modern era, you can store anything in your iphone. To make the storage safe, security code works as an authorization checker. If anyone gets to know that code, he/she can access easily. That's why Apple put a strong focus on this.

How to set a strong security code?

It is to some extent, impossible to break the lock of iCloud. But it is not beyond the capacity. So, it won’t be wise to give a chance to anyone. You must put a complex security code. There is a fixed strategy. But simply to say, wisest people follow a combination of different characteristics for the iCloud security code. Let’s see what the way is- 

  • Don’t give any information about you as security the code as it is easy to guess. 
  • Don’t give anyone’s name.
  • Try the letter with big and smaller case.
  • Put numbers in the code
  • Set also characters like (! #, % etc.)

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When will you need to reset a security code?

If you enter your security code for too many times, the device will be disabled. You won’t be able to run that device until you recover that device. To recover that device you can take help from your other Apple device with the same iCloud key chain. Let's see how to set the new security code.

How to set a new code in your iphone?

So, your concern is now about setting the code into your i-phone. That’s not so much complex. Let’s check-

  • Tap the settings option.
  • Tap the profile that you saved on your name.
  • Go to iCloud option.
  • Then go to the keychain. 
  • Here go to advanced option.
  • Tape there the option ‘change security code’.
  • Then put Apple security code after it asked.
  • Now, enter the new security code

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If you are using iOS 10.2 or previous version, then go for below.

  • There will be no option for the keychain.
  • Directly set new code after tapping iCloud option.
  • Have to enter the old code before setting the new one. 

So, here your new security code has been placed successfully.

How to set a new code in your Mac(OS X Yosemite or later)

If you are a Mac user, you will have to follow the below instructions to change the security code. 

  • At first, go to the Apple menu.
  • Then go to system preference and there you will found iCloud.
  • There go for keychain in the options.
  • Tap ‘change security code’.
  • Give your previous code when asks.
  • Then set your new security code. 

Here in your Mac new security code has been placed successfully. 

What to do with a device with disabled iCloud?

Therefore, you have set the new password in a device where you have access. But why you have done this? To enter into a device what you have disabled. For that, you have to follow simple steps. These things have been given below:

For i-phone or i-pad: 

  • Tap the settings.
  • Go to your profile(Your name)
  • Go to iCloud.
  • Then go to the keychain.
  • Slide the keychain and turn the slide on.

If you are using iOS 10.2 or earlier, the process will be much easier.

  • Tap the settings.
  • Open the iCloud.

That’s all that you have to do for i-phone or i-cloud.

For Mac: 

If you are a Mac user, follow the below instructions. 

  • Select the Apple menu.
  • And then choose system preferences.
  • Tap on the iCloud.
  • Then choose the keychain.

That’s all for a Mac user.

Actually after this what happens that a request is sent automatically to your approved device. Therefore, a request message pops up into your approved device where you have recently changed the security code. You have to approve that notification message. After this approval, your required device has been added to the iCloud keychain. 

What to do to reset security code in your device?- Where you can’t access! 

But if fail to access any device that has your iCloud Keychain, you have to go for a fully different process. Let's have a look at that!

For i-phone, i-pad or i-touch:

  • At first tap settings.
  • Go to your profile(Your name)
  • Go to iCloud.
  • Turn the iCloud Keychain on.

But if you are an iOS 10.2 or earlier version user, you will have to go for below.

  • After tapping settings you will find iCloud. 

Then your device will require your ID password. There will be two-step verification. If you are using this, you don't need to worry. Using two-step verification you can reset the security code. But if you don’t use verification system, tap for forgetting the code. Then what to do? I have explained below-

  • Tap for reset keychain and replace your keychain from the device.
  • Tap reset again to confirm.
  • Now there will be steps that you have to follow to create a new iCloud code.

For Mac

If you are using Mac with OS X Yosemite, you should follow the below steps.

  • Select Apple menu.
  • Then go to system preferences.
  • Tap iCloud and then Keychain.
  • Here you will be asked to give your Apple ID password.
  • Then tap for user code.
  • Select forget the code and enter the iCloud security code.
  • Click reset keychain so that it can replace your keychain from the device.
  • Tap Reset to confirm.
  • Now set up the new security code by following the onscreen process. 

Final Words

Therefore, you know now everything about iCloud security code. You know how to set code in the accessible device or un-accessible device.

But never share your password with anyone and obviously set a strong code. Best of luck to you!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Best Evernote Alternative Note Taking Apps for Linux

Evernote is the name of the application. It used to add notebooks that can include an interesting variety of content. Evernote is an excellent way to create notes, define lists and group content. There are many other alternative in the market. You can store all kinds of information while retaining its original format in this notebook. Such as personal annotations fragments of web pages or blogs, email addresses, outlines, images, videos. Any other object that can copy and paste with this application.

linux stylus note taking

To the notes you can attach with the free version all kinds of files audio: MP3 and WAV and documents: PDF, HTML and TXT. You can also incorporate all screenshots, although Evernote offers its own captor. Today we will talk about Best Evernote Alternative Apps for Ubuntu Linux. The best alternative evernote in the Linux desktop is to install the Windows client through Wine. The following evernote alternative may be helpful for you.

1. Simple note

Simple note is a free and simple application as simple as its name indicates. You write down everything you want and organize it by means of categories.

  • Use it everywhere: Your notes kept up to date on all your devices. There are no buttons to press. It just works.
  • Stay organized: Find your notes quickly, with instant search and by means of labels.
  • Rewind your changes: Your notes will save when you change them. You can undo the changes by dragging the slider at the top.
  • It is free: Backup copies, synchronize everything is completely free.
Download it from  Play Store

2. Nevernote

A free evernote replacement works in Linux perfectly. It is compatible with most features of Evernote you can drag and drop images, PDF or previews. Evernote files easily synchronized with Nevernote. Nevernote does not lose almost any feature. If we compare it with Evernote what we notice is a very big visual change.


  •  Change the background or the title of a note. 
  •  The text can highlight. 
  •  Encrypt the database. 
  •  Show PDF online. 
  •  More possibilities visualizing images 
  •  It Supports personalization of shortcuts
Download it from  Here

3. Springseed

Springseed is one of those elegant design alternative evernote applications. That designed exclusively for Linux. The application allows us to organize our notes in different notebooks and bet on a minimalist style.

Features :

  • It also offers synchronization with Dropbox. 
  • It allows us to work with the application on several computers. 
  • It allows us to organize our notes in different notebooks. 
  • It is able to attach different types of files.

4. Rednotebook

Rednotebook is an Evernote alternative application focused on used as our personal diary. It has a calendar that gives us access to the notes. That we create every day, week, month, etc.

Features :

  • It can work perfectly as a note manager. 
  • It counts as an advantage that in addition to text it has support for images. 
  • The possibility of exporting our notes in various formats, among which are PDF, HTML, Text or Latex. 
  • We can use tags, which can be very useful.
Download it from  Here

5. TagSpaces

TagSpaces not only presents itself as a complete notes editor, but also as a different way of organizing our files. We have seen it is undoubtedly the closest to a productivity suite.

Features :

  • TagSpaces allows us to take notes, using plain text. 
  • It allows us to organize a collection of webs (saved in MHTML) 
  • TagSpaces offers support for formats such as ePub. 
  • It offers us the necessary tools to create our own wiki on any topic we want to investigate. 
  • It offers support for Chrome cast. 
  • It has apps for both iOS and Android and official extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
Download it from  Here

6. Hippo Notes

Hippo Notes has just launched its beta version. It remains to wait that the acceptance of the public is those who carry out this project propose new versions and improvements.

Features :
  • Hippo Notes can manage from a desktop computer equipped with some Linux distribution 
  • Hippo Notes has an excellent synchronization with the servers of the renowned Evernote tool. 
  • This tool for Linux can read and edit the documents.
Download it from  Here

7. Laverna

Laverna is a free Evernote Alternative focused on privacy. Its function is to take notes in different operating systems for Ubuntu Linux. Laverna is an open source program and currently provided for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. We can synchronize between these operating systems to have the notes always at hand. The difference compared to other similar programs is that the service does not have its own servers.

Features :

  • We can use the application without prior registration 
  • The notes are saved automatically 
  • We can use it to add lists, images, and links or modify the appearance of the text. Create shortcuts to lines of code
Download it from  Here

8. WizNote

WizNote is the Chinese competitor for Evernote and Google Keep. The annotation service has synchronization in the cloud, user for Linux and web version.

Features :

  • The Linux version integrates with the system and has a low consumption of hardware, 
  • WizNote is its ability to encrypt your notes, 
  • User can still create folders to organize their notes, sort them by tags and version all changes, as well as check when each made. 
  • You can at any time click on the information in a note and select the encryption. Making that note readable only after typing an offline password unlike your account password it is not stored by the application.
Download it from  Here
9. Geeknote
Geeknote is an evernote replacement for the Linux terminal useful for adding notes to Evernote using Bash Shell scripts. It cannot directly use the Evernote SDK. Simply to manage your Evernote notes from the Evernote line.

Features :

  • Geeknote supports all the basic Evernote functions. 
  • You can create and delete notes, create notepads and labels. Search notes with filters and edit existing notes. 
  • Geeknote comes with a tool called gnsync, which allows you to synchronize a directory. That contains text notes (we insist, only works with text data) with Evernote.
Download it from  Here
10. Turtl
Turtl is a private open source space that works as an alternative to Evernote. The main point of emphasis of Turtl is its focus on privacy. The app has a system of labels and filters that greatly facilitates the order. Turtl is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and Android

Features :

  • The tool allows us to take notes, save browser favorites, store documents and photographs, share passwords with co-workers, etc. 
  • It is an open source application that encrypts all data. 
  • It is a free tool.
Download it from  Here

Conclusion of Best Evernote Alternative

It is true that Evernote some time ago could be above most of its competitors. Above all, it is one of best suits you. It is what you really look for in an Evernote alternative application of this type. Evernote is a simple but at the same time very powerful computer application. It allows you to annotate save and organize all kinds of information.