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11 best Android apps of 2017 [Must Have apps]

Today we want to show you the latest news of the best 11Android applications of 2017. We want to help you a little with this task. It is worth having all or a large percentage of our Smartphone. This time we will review the best existing applications for Android.

Let us make a collection of the most useful applications for Android devices. They are new applications that give a plus to any Android regardless of the brand. The best applications of the Top 10 new applications for Android will be removed and As long as new releases are released in the play store, that list will be updated.

1. GlassWire Data Usage Monitor


If you have an unlimited data plan or you are a prepaid user and from time to time make recharges but do not know how your data is spent. According to latest tech news, this App will be a great help. It defines the planning cycle (date and MB or GB).

It Reports of daily, weekly, hour or monthly consumption.You can see how much and what apps spend your data. Personalized alerts about data consumption.

Download Glasswire From Play Store  Download

2. Hidden Camera

The first and only professional hidden Camera is a best Android app of 2017. The latest tech news is that its main features it saves battery power. It performs 7 days continuously with battery supports. You can set the option for camera quality such as High Quality, Low Quality, Medium Quality, Selfie Camera. and the average score of 4.5 stars.

We are now re-listed by Hidden Camera to comply with the Google Play Store's content policy. Hidden camera is super secure stealth for shooting and video recording, even right in front of other people. Mobile Hidden Camera is the only spy camera application that guarantees your security while you spy to shoot with a host of stealth and protective features.

It keeps your Security of your privacy is our priority. It is only one of the spy cameras of the application with the no publication of Ads of any kind. Nobody knows that you have a spy app.

Download Hiden Camera From Play Store  Download

3. SMS Tracker

SMS Tracker is one of the best remote monitoring and tracking systems for Android phones. By installing the free SMS Tracker Agent on the target device, you can remotely read all incoming and outgoing text messages, MMS multimedia messages. You can View photos sent and received.

You are able to view call records (including name, number, and duration of the call and View the web browsing history. You can check View the GPS location information on a map. The developers are constantly trying to fix the problems by updating it regularly

Download Sms Tracker From Play Store  Download

4. Evernote for Android Wear

In many activities and jobs, using notes as a reminder is essential. What happens is that sometimes there comes a time when you have so many that you need to order and classify yourself? If you need this and have other functions, I am sure that Evernote will be a very useful Android app. Evernote for Android Wear is surely the best app to write notes and reminders of everything that happens to you. It is a powerful tool you can store all kinds of information such as schemas, email addresses, annotations, personal and professional quotes and even web fragments.

All the notes can make in different and customized formats. It means that you can change the font and color, add bold or underline. Evernote for Android Wear which is one of the leading and best, free android applications. It makes it possible to use links to web pages and even supports the inclusion of images. The application developed in a comfortable and intuitive structured interface so that even the most inexperienced users can see in Evernote for Android Wear a very useful application and you can download it free right now.

Download EverNote From Play Store  Download

5. SuperVPN Free VPN Client

Super vpn client this app offers unlimited bandwidth, no need for root access, use of the most secure VPN to protect your privacy.

Unblock restricted websites, plus encrypts internet traffic and works with just a click of the mouse VPN connection. You can find more tech news online about SuperVPN.

Download Super Vpn From Play Store  Download

6. File Manager (File transfer)


If you want to get the most out of your phone, you need a file browser. It is a best File Manager (File transfer) for Android. This new manager has interesting features: Sort by categories, Delete, Create direct access, Backup copies of installed Apps. Sort files by music, videos, music, favorites, and large files. 

It supports for storage management in the cloud: Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive, Facebook, etc.

Download File Manager From Play Store  Download

7. Clipboard Manager

Copy and paste like a ninja with this powerful free Android clipboard. It is a productivity apps that manages everything you copy and paste from an elegant interface. You can perform Clipboard history: Date, Bookmark, and Delete through these apps.

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It is totally Free, without ads and with Material Design design. You can access notifications with floating bubble. You can create Apps whitelist and lock PIN. You can recover copied texts and create Backup copies. There is Easy Copy, share, delete and combine text option in the apps.

Download Clipboard Manager From Play Store  Download

8. Buttons Remapper (not root)

You can modify the actions of each of the buttons on your Android device without Root. Buttons remapper (not root) also allows you to add additional actions with a short or long press or triple click on the buttons.

You can change or add actions to open any app open the camera, volume keys or disable the button completely.

Download Buttons Remapper From Play Store  Download
9. Spotify Music
One of the most popular applications currently is Spotify. Currently it is free, both mobile and tablet. It is the most popular music listening application. The catalog Spotify Music has is enormous, being able to listen to artists and albums or create your own playlist where the songs that you like.

If you want to discover new music, you can choose a playlist that made. That related to how you feel about the mood or receive a series of personalized recommendations based on your tastes.

The best thing about this music player is that it is free for mobile. You will be able to listen to any artist, album or playlist in a random way. Undoubtedly, one of the essentials for mobile is in the best Android applications of 2017.

The application is responsible for organizing and searching the music files for a number of themes, case of artist, album, song, genre to which it belongs as well as folder and playlist.

Download Spotify Music From Play Store  Download
10. AppInfo Mini
Check from the notifications panel how much internal memory. It occupies and how much data an application consumes. AppInfo Mini works in real time since it gives us the information of any application that we have open.

It provides us is Data used in wifi and mobile, weight of the application, space used in data, cache and acquired permissions. If we are on the desktop it shows us data about the used RAM, occupied and free storage, percentage of the battery.

Download Appinfo Mini From Play Store  Download

11.  Snap Swipe Drawer

Take advantage of the widgets of Android applications with Snap Swipe Drawer. Snap Swipe Drawer allows us to access widgets in any app that we have open and even from the lock screen. Within the settings you can change the activation area (Left, center and right), sensitivity, create a whitelist of apps where you can activate and enable the option to activate from the lock screen.

Download Appinfo Mini From Play Store  Download

Hopefully, you enjoy and as always choose those that may be worth more. Remember that all applications take up space on your device. Finally, tell you that we always recommend that you read the terms and conditions of these apps because the small print may surprise you often.

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Latest Tech News About Android Oreo 8.0 [Features]

From last few months, you may be heard the name of Android Oreo. Today, Our Latest tech news is about to android New Version Oreo 8.0. Because this is the new Android version of Google this year. Google has some habit to release a new version every year. and they didn’t have 10% users of the previous version yet.

oreo features

That means Google released Oreo this year but you may feel sad after hearing that their previous version nougat didn’t reach most of the android users mobile phone. during this term, google give the priority to their own device like Nexus, pixel etc. Those are maintained by Google so they get an update first. Like the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL already installed with Oreo.

Today our topic to discuss the changes, new features, and improvement of this new Android version. Maybe you will not get the update so fast on our smartphone. But you learn about the new version. So let’s start with this latest version. in this version, so much improvement and updates they have that can make this article large. So I will discuss some main changes and features.

Picture in Picture Mode

picture in picture mode feature of oreo

From my view, it is the most important, attractive and big improvement of this version. For this feature, users can watch a video and the same time they can do others task by phone. So that means if you quit video then the video will not stop Playing. The video will continue to any corner of your phone and you can do anything at the same time with your phone. The video will not interrupt your work. For your benefit, you can move the video to any place of the screen and also you can make big or small. But for YouTube, you need Red subscription.

Background Limit

This feature may not breakthrough like the last but much helpful. You can more easily notice your installed apps and what they will do in the background. You can control as you want. In the previous version, you can’t see that some 3rd party apps are draining your battery or using data in the background. But if you are using Oreo then you can see in settings and also you can stop them.

Password Autofill

autofill password feature

You may already be tried Password autofill in old versions. But you need 3rd party password manager for that. Like last pass, npass etc. Oreo has the native feature of password manager. For this, you don’t need 3rd party soft if this version. Which website and apps password you saved with chrome google smart to lock in your pc or smartphone those username and password will be auto-filled this when you are using a specific app on your phone. So that you don’t need to remember that id and pass or using 3rd party software.

User interface improvement

Comparing with those old versions you can’t find much UI improvement in Oreo. Such improvement is given below:

  • Notification Dots:
now user can understand from the home screen icon that which specific app got a notification. If any app got some notification then you can see a dot mark on the app. So you can easily mark that which app have some notification and which don’t.

  • Settings page redesign: 
those are using android nougat (7.0) they know how much ugly look it has. Moreover setting page of nougat is not arranged properly. But in this version setting page totally redesigned. This time it is more organized and attractive.
  • Notification panel redesigned:
In this version of android, notification panel and quick setting panel also got new look. The previous version of this had a full dark theme. This time notification panel and quick setting panel theme is changed to light or white, but I don’t like this. The previous one was better (personal opinion).
  • New emoji:

android Oreo got the new interface of emoji. Those are known by the previous version in this version you can not get those Emoji. New emoji may like someone or may not. Although I like them and better than old.

Better Bluetooth Audio

In this version, Google took care of audio performance. The user of Oreo will get more experience than other versions of Bluetooth audio. Google added some built-in codec those are user replaceable. So you can change Bluetooth audio codec in your own way. by your choice, you can change wireless audio communication protocol by changing codec while playing music. as a result, you will get better audio listening experience.

Faster Boot time and better Performance
Google claim, smartphone maintain by Oreo will boot faster than old versions. This version will make maximum 50% faster boot than others. So the newer version will take halftime than older to start-up. This Android smartphone will be fluid and smooth in performance comparing those previous that also claimed by Google.

That's All for this Android version of Oreo. Hope, you can find latest Smart features about this version. If you have any kind of confusion or question feel free to comments below.

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Top 3 Alternatives to Apple’s iCloud Keychain

The iCloud Keychain is Apple’s default password manager which, as we all know, are a management system set in place to remember, gather and secure all your accounts information; usernames, passwords, Wi-FI, credit card and other such sensitive data used on your Apple devices. For those of us who are looking for sharper alternatives, look no further for we’ve got just the right stuff for you: 1Password, LastPass and Dashlane.

Before step into the alternatives, let’s recap on the already established default program. Apple’s Keychain does what you expect out of any decent password manager, right? Let’s find out.

  • Does it store username and password information from websites, apps and other points of user access? Yes
  • Does it sync devices? Yes
  • Does it apply to other platforms besides iOS? No
  • Does it offer two-factor authentication feature without the hassle of a multilayered approval system? Yes and no
  • Do I have to purchase any other top-tier version to enjoy full benefits? No. It’s premium from the get-go
  • Are there any holes in its encryption protocol? Yes. In March ’17, Longterm Security discovered that this encryption, or their Off-The-Record (OTR) protocol, can be circumvented by other flaws as presented at the Black Hat USA 2017 
  • Is the security around additional device authorization air tight? No. The approval takes place in what is called a signature validation procedure. Unfortunately, it has been found that a custom made packet that gives rise to an OTR which can steal passwords, credit card and other such sensitive data.

What is it that Apple can’t offer that the others can or are they basically the same and it’s a matter of personal preference? Read on to find out.

1. 1Password

What is it?

This Swiss Army knife of a gem works overtime and across all platforms to keep track of all the unique passwords used in your social media apps, banking, entertainment, documents, insurance and other such privacy sensitive websites and apps. It has a friendly, much liked user interface. 


What does it do?

Here, only one unique password gives access to every other one; that way you don’t have to individually memorize each one. One ring to rule them all! All your passwords, medical data, documents, credit card data and any and all data you deem delicate can be protected by one master key, essentially. Here, local storage is possible as well as sharing of information with other authorized users, according to your consent, of course.

How can it protect me?

Keeping in mind how corrosive, invasive and technologically advanced hacking threats are getting by the day where, it seems like, there is an unending list of ways to secretly gain access to our data. Working off of its AES-256 encryption platform, 1Password makes sure it generates enough random keys automatically to keep evil off its tail. While browsing the internet, to keep you away from fishy sites, its “watchtower” feature notifies you to keep away.


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While storing information in its vault, it’s actively letting you participate in the password generation where you can customize your unique login information. Besides, more user interaction is made possible by use of its TouchID fingerprint system as a part of its login authentication system.
How do I get it?

It’s free to download; however, some of its top tier features will cost you money.

With the $2.99 per month package you get:
  • One  user only access
  • Ability to work on several platforms such iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 
  • Online & offline access
  • Auto sync
  • App upgrades
  • Email protection
  • 1 GB storage
  • 365 day stored history to restore deleted or lost information
The $4.99 package gets you:
  • 5 family members/users protected with additional $1 for each new member
  • Ability to work on several platforms such iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 
  • Online & offline access
  • Auto sync
  • App upgrades
  • Email protection
  • 1 GB storage
  • 365 day stored history to restore deleted or lost information
  • Share login information and other data
  • Manage what other members have access to
  • Account rescue for members who have been locked out

A few cons

Each time you step out, you have to log into the app. And over time, users have been known to get frustrated by this. Additionally, it asks the user to fill in a password that’s already in its vault. The user interface could benefit from some changes especially the search bar which has been problematic when looking up passwords. 

2. LastPass

What is it?

With this you don’t have to fear of losing all your usernames and passwords. This one-wallet-only system keeps all that information under one locked away high security basement facility.

What does it do?

As with 1Password, the industry standard AES-256 encryption system is at the heart of its protection factory. To ensure, just as backup, there are no other ways to crack its code, since this is no National Treasure or Dan Brown movie, an additional PBKDF2 SHA-256 key derivation function is used to maintain strict confidentiality and security. It has a user friendly interface that tracks all your accounts information, stores them and notifies if there are breach threats from websites and other apps. 

How can it protect me?

Users benefit from its 2-factor authentication system by using YubiKey, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, Google Authenticator, their own LastPass Authenticator, RSA SecurID and USB devices.  Besides, it also offers fingerprint access as a swift alternative. 
To ensure hackers or malware cannot read your keystroke date as your enter your login information, it auto-fills passwords after you open the app and can also provide you with a virtual keyboard to fill in login data undetected. 


Moreover, for ones who want to enjoy a more practical and tactile access system, yet one that remains consistently supportive experience, LastPass has brought forth the LastGrid. This exciting feature is enabled by first printing out a mathematical chart and using its information to log in. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

How do I get it?

This is available for free on several platforms and devices including iOS, Windows, Linus and Android.

However for a premium package at $24, you get:
  • Quality customer support
  • One-to-many sharing
  • Emergency access
  • Advanced multi-factor authentication
  • 1 GB storage
A few cons

It has been known to save password more than once which causes users to experience unusable entries. Despite the claim, some have complained about their customer support. While it’s like body armor, the multi-factor authentication system can come off as not worth it for its setup puts user through an unnecessarily messy interface.

3. Dashlane

What is it?

This is one of the best out there which is giving the rest a run for their money. It’s simple and easy to use and makes password management be inviting for all users while ensuring proper security measurements and protocols.


What does it do?

Its security measurements are easy to grasp starting with features such as its auto-fill, tracking of online shopping, credit card information, documentation protection & storage among other things are some of its most attractive selling points. 

As far as storage is concerned, its wallet, or vault or treasure chest, whatever you want to call it, helps secure password information locally and can sync to other authorized devices. It is also versatile in that it allows users of iOS, Windows and Android enjoy the benefits together. This offers the users two-factor authentication, share information with authorized members, among other things, in order to regain access to your device if you’re locked out. After logging in, only to make sure nothing has changed while you were out, can change all your passwords kept in its vault with only a few clicks. Simply put, the ratio of existing passwords to the few steps needed to control them is spectacular.
How can it protect me? 

It comes with a password changer feature to make sure you’re always a step ahead of hackers.  It also analyses your passwords to make sure you only have the strongest you can get. Furthermore, this Security Dashboard also notifies you if a password is being reused, this way only one unique password is established that only applies to you.

While some fear a cloud based vault makes you susceptible to theft, it helps user store information locally with only one key to access it, sync to devices and enter from the internet. This information be it, documents, login details, shopping receipts, credit card information, work, insurance, payment data and other such at risk items of information are held inside a industry leading and competitive wall of security which makes it stand out among a sea of other options.

How do I get it?

The free download helps with:
  • Unlimited password management & data storage
  • Security alerts
  • Password changing
  • Password generation
  • 30 days for free Premium trial run
The $3.33/month Premium package gets you:
  • Unlimited password management & data storage
  • Security alerts
  • Password changing
  • Password generation
  • 30 days for free Premium trial run
  • Sync password and data on authorized devices
  • Account backup
  • Ability to share unlimited passwords 
  • VIP customer support
  • 2-factor authentication
The $4 Business package gets you:
  • Unlimited password management & data storage
  • Security alerts
  • Password changing
  • Password generation
  • 30 days for free Premium trial run
  • Sync password and data on authorized devices
  • Account backup
  • Ability to share unlimited passwords 
  • VIP customer support
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Smart Spaces for data and password storage
  • Administrator control and customization
  • Password sharing with user control
  • 2FA and user account manager options
A few cons 

It is expensive totaling $39.99/year. Their customers have complained about not getting the best email support they hoped they would get. Moreover, launching 2FA was reported to be a little difficult due to lack of clear directions.

Other alternatives users can look into are:

KeePass, Roboform, Keeper Password Manager, Sticky Password, True Key, LogMeOnce and SplashID Safe.

While a lot of features will be common, key ones such are storage, where you get unlimited help and sharing options, cost, of course, are some of the things which can help you make the final decision.


  • Boasts a free 30 day trial
  • Available file storage capabilities
  • Data sharing
  • Form filling is a pain in the neck
  • No password analyzer
  • Not user friendly 
  • Expensive


  • A free version for the phone
  • Ability to log into multiple webpages at once
  • 10 logins stored in the free version
  • Unsafe password sharing
  • No password analyzer
  • Unfriendly user interface
Keeper Password Manager:

  • Unlimited passwords
  • Auto-fill
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Sync with multiple devices
  • Share password with others
  • Uses both AES-256 and PBKDF2 systems

Sticky Password:

  • Compatible with several browsers
  • Fingerprint scanning
  • Storage availability 
  • No pass analyzer
  • Cannot extract password information from iOS
  • Bad interface
  • Premium offers unlimited cloud syncing

True Key:

  • Boasts the impressive facial recognition and finger print scanner feature
  • Free version allows 15 logins
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Facial and fingerprint access
  • No password sharing with trusted contacts
  • No password analyzer


  • Unlimited passwords
  • Photo login feature whereby your camera takes a picture as an ID
  • In case of theft, GPS and IP address tracking helps find lost devices
  • Average user interface

SplashID Safe:

  • All data stored in encryption 
  • Auto-filling
  • Basic storage functions in free versions
  • Premium offers syncing with multiple devices

Do some research since this sort of information isn’t tough to find on the Internet. Tech companies and hackers are working at light speed to outsmart one another Always be sure to take extra care of the kind of data you’re sharing and entering in your devices, so trust your instincts and do your part, regularly change passwords, stay away from content easily vulnerable to exploitation and keep reading our articles for the latest tech information.  

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Ankylosing Spondylitis Symptoms and Treatments

Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a chronic inflammatory disease that mainly affects the joints of the spine. It occurs with greater incidence in men between 18 and 40 years of age. The first symptoms of the condition are chronic back pain of gradual onset. With morning stiffness that occurs at night increases with rest and decreases with physical activity called inflammatory back pain. In this condition, the vertebrae tend to fuse causing rigidity and limitation of movement. Patients may also experience peripheral arthritis. It presents with inflammation, pain, warmth and redness of joints, especially knees and ankles. Below we have discussed details about ankylosing spondylitis symptoms and treatments.

This condition can be debilitating and highly debilitating on a physical and emotional level. The treatment is multidisciplinary, through medication, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. A treatment that includes exercise such as swimming or yoga helps improve the quality of life of the patient. Unfortunately, once the treatment prescribed to the patient, 68% of them do not read, or do not understand the information of their therapy while 80% of the messages that the patient receives in consultation forget them.

It is extremely important that there is good communication between the rheumatologist and the patient. To advance the treatment, control the disease and continue with a normal routine. For this type of diseases, biological drugs allow patients to stop the activity of the disease and even reduce inflammation. Among the biotechnological treatments, there is one composed of a 100% human monoclonal antibody of rapid response. That improves physical function and allows the patient to recover their quality of life.

The adherence to treatment is very important because the recovery of a patient depends on compliance with medical recommendations regarding the dose and frequency in their day to day. Some of the reasons why the treatment does not met are forgetfulness, misinterpretation, and adverse events.

as treatments and sympotoms

Patients with chronic diseases comply with only 50% of pharmacological treatments. When treatment did not met the costs and risk of adverse events increase, because sometimes the progression of the disease reaches irreversible levels in the bone structure.

Recommendations for spondylitis patients

Here are some guidelines and tips ankylosing spondylitis symptom and treatment. The deformity of the spine can prevent by sleeping on a hard bed placing a table under the mattress and a thin pillow. It is necessary to maintain proper postures in all activities of daily life work, study, homework, sports, etc. You should sleep on your side with your legs bent or face up with a pillow under the legs to counteract the effects of spondylitis.

Regularly practice exercises that help strengthen the abdominal and lumbar muscles. Swimming is especially recommended for those affected by this pathology because it exercises in a balanced way the musculature and joints of the back. If your work activity is sedentary, it is convenient to get up and walk every so often. When driving you should, also take breaks periodically to stretch your legs (for example every two hours) and adopt a correct posture at the wheel.

Treatment and prevention of AS

By unknown factors, it is impossible to prevent ankylosing spondylitis. However, through some changes in lifestyle, it is possible to prevent exacerbation of pain and decrease stiffness. It is recommended stretching exercises for the joints during the day, after consultation with your doctor well with the person who gives physiotherapy.

Some tips to limit pain:

  • Sleep on a firm mattress with a flat pillow or without a pillow. 
  • Sleeping face up or face down, alternating and avoiding as much as possible sleeping on the side. 
  • Practice a soft sport, such as swimming. 
  • Avoid tobacco
  • Avoid sitting or standing for a long time without moving the joints. It is totally forbidden to carry heavy loads.
  • Learn to protect your back by bending your knees when lifting objects.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight, excess weight increases joint pain.
  • Quitting smoking, smoking increases the damage to those who suffer from the disease.
  • Relax or practice a relaxation activity, stress can exacerbate the symptoms.

Also, You can see this video for reducing pain

A risk factor is an event that increases the likelihood of suffering from a disease or condition. That does not imply the certainty that you will get any disease even when you have the risk factors associated with the disease. The associated risk factors are Age ranges from 20 to 40 years; however, there have been cases at very young ages. Family history, the probability of contracting the disease increases as a close relative suffers. Sex, there is evidence that affects in a small percentage the male, over the female. Gen bearer of the genetic marker HLA-B27. Intestinal inflammatory diseases suffering from ulcerative colitis disease.

Medical treatments

Many medications help control symptoms reduce inflammation and joint pain while preventing delayed or correct deformities. As ankylosing spondylitis evolves through outbreaks, some people will need temporary treatment for painful monthly periods. Others on the contrary will suffer a more active form of the disease, with a high risk of ankylosis. A protocol called background processing is applied. Often, unfortunately, the symptoms may reappear after the treatment stop. Through current treatments, most people with ankylosing spondylitis can lead a normal life.

Physiotherapy Treatments

The exercise is one of the important aspects of treatment because it helps maintain good posture and increases breathing capacity. All exercises that require special effort of the spine as well as contact sports should avoid. Some stretching exercises that strengthen the back and abdomen are especially beneficial. It is advisable to consult a physiotherapist to structure an exercise program adapted to both your pain and joint stiffness. Muscle strengthening exercises especially that strengthen the back are also beneficial for maintaining good posture.

spondylitis exercise  for reduce pain, as pain relief, as treatments


In the case of severe ankylosing spondylitis when the joints are badly damaged, surgical intervention may be necessary. To allow the replacement of the damaged joint, often the hip by a prosthetic joint. This procedure allows restoring mobility and relieving pain.
Complementary approaches
There are no studies that have demonstrated the effectiveness of plants, supplements or complementary approaches to specifically treat ankylosing spondylitis. However, various approaches, such as yoga therapy or massage can bring relief to the sick.

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Bitcoin Mining: Helpful or waste of time? (For beginner)

Till now you may heard the name of bitcoin few times. Some of may also know well about bitcoin and how it works. Also, some are mining bitcoin from few times. May some have never heard about bitcoin and don’t know how it works. 

How can we use bitcoin and complete related works with it and also what’s the benefit?

If you have past experience about bitcoin and mining or you are expert about this then this article is not for you. You may check this if I am wrong. If I am wrong please write in comment. And if you are mining from long days then you can comment your past idea and experience. If you are totally new or don’t have proper idea then you can read this from first to last. Hope this will give you some idea after reading.

OH don’t have fear! Those are already mining or earning bitcoin they can read this if they need. Because I will not share any link of my refer.
So let’s start. I guess you only know the name of bitcoin. Nothing more you know. If you know something more than you can scroll down by your wish. But if you really don’t know, then Read our writings 

What is Bitcoin?

Directly I can say that bitcoin is one kind of currency. Our country has a currency so like bitcoin.US dollar, pound same as bitcoin. Usually called as cryptocurrency or coin. Then what is the difference between our country currency and cryptocurrency?  The difference is that bitcoin has no physical presence. That means you can’t touch or see. This is totally digital. it can only depend on computer and internet. First, it was published in 2008 and introducer was the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. Now bitcoin made for mining or reward giving. More details about this are given below.

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For using bitcoin we don’t need any institution or organization. If you use bitcoin for transaction then no one can track you. This called PR to PR. for this reason bitcoin is too much popular nowadays. After processing or approving a bitcoin then new bitcoin creates. Those are new bitcoin they come to half after every four years. This system of creating new bitcoin will remain till 2140.after that new bitcoin will to create. More details you can visit Bitcoin
value of bitcoin

Remember bitcoin market price daily changes to up or down. Like of stock market.at this moment when I am writing this article now 1 bitcoin is equal to 6,172 US dollar. You can visit the link for current price.

Now you may ask, what is the use of bitcoin? A lot of things we can do with it. if you have bitcoin, and the price goes up after some days then you can sell them with high price, from that you can make a good amount of profit. Also various e-commerce site and shopping portal support bitcoin.so you can buy online using of bitcoin.

What Is Bitcoin Wallet?

Where we put our money usually? Definitely, we put our money in a bank and we often keep our money in our money bag or wallet for primary use.  Bitcoin wallet is the same process, we already learned about Bitcoin. But if want to keep your money in Bitcoin then you definitely need a wallet or virtual bank where you can put your all Bitcoins.

bitcoin wallet

Coin base and Block Chain is more popular for Bitcoin. If you create an account to any of these two then you will get a virtual account or wallet where you can keep your money safely. You can also transfer and sent Bitcoins from one account to another. It is same as wallet and online banking. You will get unlimited Bitcoin address. Bitcoin address is personal address where you can receive all your Bitcoins and if you want to send Bitcoins to someone then you can also send it.

What is Bitcoin mining?

Mainly bitcoin is to process or approve transaction. That means when two from different place transfer money using computer then this task completing is the main role that called mining. This process of mining made by another computer or machine.

Here we may face a question if only transection is processing then why we are calling this mining? Because I told this before one transection completing starts another bitcoin creating. That means if you make record of bitcoin transection and process the work of bitcoin, then you are helping to make new bitcoin.as a result you will get some reward for the new bitcoin. Actually that’s why we are calling this bitcoin mining.


If you think that processing of bitcoin or approve is very easy task, then you are wrong. This total task completed by computer so you may think this easy. Really it’s not easy. Doing this a computer must need better processing power and need lot of time. Because only transaction mark or report making is not the job.

Doing this task your computer must need to solve very difficult algorithms, also need to solve hard mathematics. Also, the reward depends on mining difficulties. How much complex problem solving and complete transaction will share more reward for you.

For doing bitcoin mining you must need powerful hardware build computer. Firstly those are related with bitcoin mining they solved problems with their computer processing power. But slowly they understood that solving this math problems with this processors is not better.

They started using high and GPU for mining.so now they use GPU for mining. But you need most powerful GPU for this. Now some company making special hardware for bitcoin mining like- ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit chip).those high and hardware can do mining and you will get bitcoin doing nothing.

But here comes another thing of electricity. This high and hardware using you can mine bitcoin but don’t forget that you need too much electricity. You may think that one computer will take how much power? So when you are doing bitcoin mining then your computer need lot of processing power. Your processor, cpu, gpu will work with 100% workability. so your hardware will be more power hungry the normal. Then your electricity bill will be a matter for you.

Imagine, that you have high configure pc for bitcoin mining. Daily you do mining from the computer.so you earn daily some bitcoin that is equal to 5 US dollar. so from this computer monthly you are earning 150 US dollar. Now your pc costs 5.15 US dollar daily for electricity. so monthly it costs 154.5 US dollar. so now you calculate how much profit you have got from bitcoin mining.

If you are thinking about bitcoin mining you have to calculate the profit first. And you need to spend money how much for your hardware. After all that how much bitcoin you are earning it is enough or not. If you are satisfied then you can continue mining.

And Bitcoin mining is not so hard. You just have to install one trusted mining program in which computer you will use for mining. NiceHash is one of them. Then you just have to install the program manually in your computer and you have to give Bitcoin address after running the software. The rest will done by keep running the program until you are satisfied of mining. The amount of your profit you will get in your Bitcoin address about a limited time later.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

The problem that mentioned over, for solve this problem cloud mining has invented. Here you don’t need to use mining by yourselves, you can invest Bitcoins by any third party or any company or website and they will give limited profits to you by using their hardware and mining setup. As example, if you invest Bitcoins as the same amount of 100 dollar in 1 one years. Contract then they will give 10 dollars profit from next every month. That is why after finishing the year you might get quit good profits. Although it sounds good but it has a huge problem. And that is the Scam.


Because, it is hard to find this types of legit cloud mining site. 90% of this cloud mining websites are scam. They will take Bitcoins investment from you and few days later they will sent you a few profits, then they will take more investment from you by telling you that they will give more profits to you and at last they might take all the investment that you have got, by doing this they will ruined and scam you.

For this, if you invest then you will lose a huge amount of money. But it does not mean that all cloud mining site is scam in the world. Like HashFlare is more popular for cloud mining site. It also does not mean you will believe them with all you have got. Because till they does not scam anyone, but they can scam in future.

There no guarantee of any cloud mining site that they won’t scam. If you want to do cloud mining, then learn everything about which website you want to use and take reviews some another user. If you have any doubt then never invest money. Don’t move your foot if you don’t know 100% about any site. Personally, I don’t suggest anyone to do cloud mining.

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